Air Buster Screenshots

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Arcade version

First enemies
Tank with power-ups
Bigger enemies
Pink enemy
Yet another enemies
Big squadron
Boss fight 1st phase
Boss fight 2nd phase
Round 1 cleared
Flight in cave
Blue laser

Genesis version

Title screen (Japan)
Title screen (US)
The cast
Large enemies in the first phase
The bullets are tiny and many.
Desolate landscape
First phase boss
Start of the second phase
The fast obstacle courses are a hell.
Second phase boss
Game over
Phase 3 starts in the mountains
But quickly escalates to the skies
Dodging these planes is hard, and it's even harder to bring them down with initial weapon
We've reached planet's orbit. This snake enemy offers a long battle
Phase 3 boss first form
Phase 3 boss second form
Phase four. This phase does tricks to the gravity, your ship gains momentum and becomes hard to control
Trying to avoid randomly spawning ball-like things
Dodging enemy fire and indestructible debris
We've reached some kind of outer space base
Phase 4 boss has several interesting attacks
Phase 5. Gravity is still far from normal
This part of the level scrolls diagonally down and to the right making it even harder to dodge enemy fire
This guy is protected with the shield of red rocks of sorts
Mini-boss of phase 5
Phase 5 boss
Phase 6. Yes, it's a circus all right. At least the gravity is back to normal
Hard-to-avoid huge snake
Narrow spaces
Moving blocks...
Second part of the phase, with fast scrolling
Final boss - first form
Final boss - second form
After all we've been through not even a single-screen cut-scene?!

TurboGrafx-16 version

Title screen
Phase 1
Going through a swarm of small enemies
Phase 1 boss
Phase 2: Mechanized Cave
Flying through a narrow passage
Lots of bullets
Phase 2 boss
Phase 3
This thing can only be hurt at its head