Air Gallet Screenshots (Arcade)

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Ready for take-off.
First wave.
Helicopter joins the fight.
Aproaching an island.
Approaching more land.
Power-ups to collect.
Using smart-bomb.
Tanks to destroy.
Balsting all around you.
A hangar of some sort?
Huge boss to destroy.
Chasing after the boss.
The boss is getting smaller.
Destroy it.
Flying over the docks.
Huge tanks below.
More tanks appear.
Big armoured boat.
Building is destroyed.
Stealth Bomber.
Flying over clouds.
Another big plane to destroy.
Cityscape at night.
Approaching a boss below.
Flying lower over the boss.
Plane and boss to blast.
Tanks on the left.
Another Stealth Bomber.
Destroyed the plane.
Bosses are getting bigger.
Big power-up.