Air Warrior Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
There are lots of vehicles to choose from
Help screen
On the starting field in my Fw 190
Taking off in a most unbecoming fashion
Trying to level up the plane
Playing online on GEnie: Making an approach towards an enemy airfield
One plane blown up
The planes seem to be bitmaps rather than vectors
Just like today, online players in the early 90s complained about their fps
4657 blown up
Hunting two enemy planes
Another plane crashes into the strip
Hurling lead at the enemy
A dogfight above the observation tower
Oh man, look at the bz
(v2.9) A recorded dogfighting school
Here, the recorded chat log is used to instruct the player
Diving toward a Pacific island
A characteristic profile with double fuselages
Taka taka taka taka
A hit!
The squadron roster
Airfield approach from the outside

Atari ST version

"Title screen"
Fighter plane selection
Time to take off
The map
Looking to the left
Nothing at six o' clock
I crashed
I've started my B17:s all four engines
The bomb sight
This is how it looks when you drive a T-34 tank

DOS version

Start-up screen
Title screen
Credit screen
Main menu
Version screen
Controls config
Off-line playing theatre map
P-38 Lighting sitting on runway clear for take-off
Radar map leaving runway searching for enemy targets
View from left wing with runway in distance
British Spitfire full throttle into furball WEP (war emergency power)
Quick check six o'clock to make sure my tail is clear
Left wing view as I loop back to the airport furball battle
He is in serious trouble major smoke and I keep on the guns at 218 yards
Major damage ready to explode as I streak by the target at 54 yards
He is breaking left into my tracer rounds taking more damage more smoke at 345 yards
Fly through his plane's smoke trail as he breaks right into the ground. He is finished!
F10 for quick flight controls help