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Air Zonk

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Platform Votes Score
TurboGrafx-16 5 4.0
Wii 2 1.8
Wii U Awaiting 1 votes...
Combined MobyScore 7 3.4

The Press Says

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TurboGrafx-16GameFan Magazine
What a cool game! Zonk is an amazing shooter for your Turbo with some of the most hilarious power-ups and graphics to date. Where else can you transform into doggie-Zonk and pelt the enemy with your barks!? Don't pass up this HuCard as it is destined to become a classic in record time.
TurboGrafx-16Player One
Les décors, variés, scrollent sur plusieurs plans et même la bande sonore est étonnamment classe. Une des meilleures qu'il m'ait été donné d'entendre sur NEC (hors CD-Rom, of course). Seul << défaut >>, quelques clignotements de sprites lorsque les boss disparaissent dans un déluge d'explosions. Le genre de truc grave. Alors moi je vous le dis, quand un jeu présente autant de qualités pour si peu de défauts, il n'y a pas à hésiter. Cela faisait longtemps que ma NEC ne s'était pas autant régalée. Et moi aussi par la même occasion.
TurboGrafx-16Defunct Games
What is here is great, the bosses, the level design, the great graphics ... everything is top notch. Just don't expect too much lasting appeal. This is one of the best 2D shooters you can get on the TurboDuo, a pretty strong distinction when you consider the quality of the other games.
WiiNintendo Life
There are no complaints here with the graphics. Like the Bonk series of games everything is very colourful and the sprites are drawn beautifully. The music and sounds whilst not memorable particularly compliment the game well. The action is thick and fast with no sign of slowdown or flickering. This isn't a game that takes itself too seriously. As such it is perfect for a quick 'pick up and play' blast. It's quite short though and not too punishing even on the harder difficulty setting.
WiiThe Virtual Console Archive
The game is put together really well but once completed there really isn't too much to go back for. That's a minor quip though, for 600 points this really is good value for money. Fans of the genre should give this a look.
TurboGrafx-16Digital Press - Classic Video Games
While there are a monumental amount of shooters on the console (including some of the best the genre has ever seen), Air Zonk is relevant purely based on its style and calming difficulty. It’s a worthwhile entry, and even though the connections are loose at best, it’s a fine addition to the Bonk franchise.
Overall, Air Zonk is wacky, ridiculous and frenetic – everything you'd want from a cute-'em-up shooter – and still stands as one of the finest TurboGrafx titles ever made. After some of the poor recent uploads to the Wii Shop to come from that same system, it's refreshing to see a title like this one that's actually worth 600 of your Points. Download away and enjoy flying through the skies of tomorrow with the crazed cousin of Hudson's headbutting caveman.
TurboGrafx-16The Video Game Critic
Air Zonk is generally fun but there are a few issues. While the bosses look terrific, they tend to consume most of the screen and their projectiles are awfully hard to avoid. If you're playing for score, you'd better keep an eye on it, because the second you lose that final life it disappears. And as I mentioned, you'll want to stick with the easy mode. Air Zonk's soundtrack is probably its best feature, pumping out some of the best tunes I've heard on this system. So if you're tired of playing generic T-16 shooters that all look the same, it may be time to track down a copy of Air Zonk.
Tutto sommato, comunque, Air Zonk è un buon lavoro di Red nel campo degli shooter: la ripetitività e la scarsa longevità connaturate al genere sono compensate dalla geniale idea delle fusioni e dal grande numero di armi secondarie disponibili, che invogliano a rigiocare più volte il titolo, se non altro per vedere quali altre stramberie si sono inventati gli sviluppatori. In definitiva Zonk ha poco da invidiare al suo lontano cugino paleolitico.