Airport Mania: First Flight Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPhone version

The initial loading screen, mind the seat belt.
Main menu, in-game advertising and all.
Level select screen.
The trophy room and a few other stats on show.
The money you make goes towards upgrading each airport, but they don't carry over to every new airport you start, so you'd better save up.
Each stage has a set points goal, Supreme being the highest. Early levels aren't too difficult to reach that higher score.
A happy plane is a good score.
More points can be earned by stringing together arrivals and departures on the one runway.
The green plane pits for fuel.
The last one out pays the bill!
The result screen details exactly what happened and the total score achieved.
Fog on the runway can disrupt services for a few moments.
Some planes will also need servicing, such as this particular one.
A defogger can be bought to speed things up.
A busy setup, but the VIP runway flashes gold, increasing the number of points made.
A near perfect result, and you'll get this nice screen.
You can also buy new types of planes, increasing the dollars per arrival in the process.
If a plane is sitting around too often, they'll lost patience. Counter that by buying tea breaks for customers (the small button just below the score card).
Oi! I want to take off, man! Come on!
Achievements are abound in game.
Complete all the levels in an airport to gain further rewards.
Some plans included extras on-board. Simply land them to achieve it.
Ice can be another problem on runways.
A ice remover tool, though you might as well call it a hairdryer!
Starting to get crowded, but if you've got time, hit the helicopter for extra cash.
You can alter the colour of a plane if you get stuck, which can also come in handy to continue a combo score.

Windows version

Loading screen
Title screen
What needs to be done.
Plane is landing on the runway.
Information about the plane.
A plane is ready to unload.
Plane is waiting on a gate to be ready.
Well, that seems to have worked out.
The airport can be upgraded in between levels.
Sometimes planes need refuelling.
A helicopter drops a little extra reward.
The plane in the sky is getting a little annoyed of waiting.
An organ transport arrives in the sky.
A new airport.
Sometimes planes needs to be repaired.