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ArcadeAll Game Guide (1998)
In summary, you're left with Airwolf, a game certainly with a fine TV heritage and namesake. Outside of this, however, it is a very mediocre, even sub-par, game with few merits. Take away its name and you have a game that's certain to escape the memories of even the most diehard of Arcade visitors.
NESVideo Game Den (2010)
Let's be honest here. This Famicom version is way better than the terrible and appalling Top Gun clone we had to endure in Europe and in the US, no doubt about it. Nonetheless, Airwolf is just an average shooter and not much else. Graphics are unattractive and extremely crude looking. But the worst offender of all is the weapon system - the rate of fire is severely limited and you often have to wait for your bullets to exit the screen to fire again. This results in countless cheap deaths and you'll shout and swear like a sailor as you watch your helicopter blowing up to pieces for the eighteenth time. Overall, Airwolf is a bland shooter and has nothing really special going for it.