Akalabeth: World of Doom Screenshots

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Apple II version

When you start the game, you must first find a castle and speak with Lord British. He'll then give you an epic quest.
Facing an orc inside a dungeon.
A thief, that just stole my only weapon.
Start screen
Running around in the mountains
This game would later be called Ultima Zero.
In this early context, players are engaged in a battle of good versus evil.
Like a role-playing game, players build characters with a mix of advantages and weaknesses. Also two professions.

Windows version

Do I want my character to have these stats?
Now, am I a fighter or a mage?
We start in the shop
And we're off to see the wide world
Oops. I starved. I can restart.
Down in a dungeon
I'm attacked by a skeleton
I killed it