Akiko GOLD: Queen of Adult

Akiko GOLD: Queen of Adult Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
Main menu
Akiko arrives
Looking at the sky...
Meeting colleagues
Typical interaction menu
Akiko is raped by... girls
Akiko is teaching
Empty nurse room...
This looks... bizarre
School building
Found a girl masturbating in the toilet
Locker room
One of the few sex scenes with a man
No, her legs bend the right way; these belong to another lady. Threesome, you know :)
Licking an invisible, censored... you know what
Akiko in a shower
Teacher, you have mosaics instead of... you know what
Strange round windows...
This place is scary...
An S&M party
A very large lesbian orgy...
I don't think that's what you should wear in school...
The gym teacher is doing some... gymnastics
So that's how my colleague is...
Questioning the colleague: she might know something... interesting methods of questioning, though...
I want to be a judge when I grow up