Albedo Screenshots

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Atari ST version

Title screen
Main menu: many options, high score tables, one and two player game...
Single player game: the ten levels can be freely chosen (if the first four are finished with a specific score)
Running on the roof shooting at the cube
On a jump, like an astronaut in space, you are drifting until you reach the other side - luckily you can shoot in the meantime
In the "Virus" level lots of small enemies attack
The reflections of the shots at walls is very handy in this level
Jumping let this play a bit like Asteroids
"Glok" is the name of that... thing
Whatever it is...
One of the four two player death-match arenas
This is a very special technical feature: the music can also be played on connected Midi devices
Title screen (Monochrome monitor): and the game is also running on monochrome monitors
Attacking Glok in dual colours (Monochrome monitor)
Looks good until now (Monochrome monitor)
Main menu (Monochrome monitor)