Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
The map
Entering a castle
It's a giant spider!
Hmm, how should I get out of here?
Don't fall into this giant pit!
Found some items...
Being chased through the castle...
Hmm, that one item looks poisonous...
Some stairs going up...

ColecoVision version

Title screen.
The map screen.
A bottomless pit.
Don't end up like that skeleton!
Kill the spider.

Commodore 64 version

Entered a castle
Go back, or you will fall into the pit
So the footprints belong to this monster
Firing your pistol
Killed it
Spiders are slow movers, and can easily be outrun
A set of stairs
That warrior never made it through the castle
A wasp
Nice carpet
Pistols galore
Watch out for the scorpion
Explored all areas of the castle
Onto the next one
A bottle of poison
Killed by the spider
You lost all your lives in the pink castle, and cannot get to it any more

MSX version

Title screen
The strategy map.
You entered a fortress. You are on your way to fortress Alcazar.
You fall into the pit.
Pick up the item.
Kill that demon.