Alfred Chicken Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Stage 1 cheese land
dive bombing
Snails shoot upwards
Alfred in scuba gear
peck this last balloon to finish level

Amiga CD32 version

Loading screen 1
Loading screen 2
Loading screen 3
Title screen
Stage 1
Game start
Jumping high
Don't jump into the obstacle
Bonus round after stage 1
Stage clear!
Stage 2
Stage 2 start
Game over

Game Boy version

Stage 1
Stars turn to platforms when switch is pressed
Dive bomb
use springs for bigger jumps
when killed you turn to a puff of feathers
you return as an egg
The Japanese version supports the Super Game Boy
It also has some new graphics

NES version

And so, Alfred must release all balloons in the level, while avoiding nasties
Released a balloon
Alfred is sprung into the air
Alfred must go up, but he can't without any blocks
So he must push this button to make the blocks appear
Hanging onto the last balloon, and leaving the current stage
Get the presents
Level Complete
Alphabet Land
On top of those nutcrackers
"Hmm... which door should I enter?"
Nothing but stars again
I didn't know that snails could emit fireballs
Swimming underwater
"I made your head fall off. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!"
Nuts 'n' Bolts Land
Those blocks look dangerous
Watch out for the blue cannonball
Alfred is listenting to some tunes
Get the timer for extra time
The Boss with a spiked ball surrounding him
Final Stage
The shark is happy that you are destroyed
Say hello to the Monster Meter
An arrow made of music notes
The boss transforms into this when you destroy him for the third time
Nothing but stars again