Alice-tachi no Gogo Vol. 1 Screenshots

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PC-98 version

Funny company name )
Title screen
Cute main menu :)
Starting point
Shop. You can buy healing items here
First pavillon: before...
...and after :)
Dig the hair!
I have no money any more, but a good feeling :)
Selling photos
Broken bridge
What a pose...
It was just a swimsuit underneath!
You can't enter
Seductive pose...
The first girl who undresses completely!..
...and soon comes the second
This girl is tough, she acts like a "boss"
Gimme a kiss!
Shameless pose before...
...and after
She looks shy
A random encounter that leads to an... erotic video with a REAL ACTRESS! Wow!
Elegand clothes
Elegant body :)
Someone on the street gives you information
Great sound effects :)
Aren't you tired?
More swimsuits...
...and even more swimsuits