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Alien Breed is a top-down science fiction shooter somewhat inspired by the movie Alien in terms of plot and atmosphere. Gameplay, though, was obviously inspired by the Atari arcade classic Gauntlet. The game tells a typical sci-fi story of an alien invasion on the space station ISRC-4. Two space marines, Johnson and Stone, are the only human beings left to clear the base of aliens divided onto six levels.

Moving around an alien-infested complex in a top-down view, you must at all times keep an eye not only on your energy level, but also be conservative with ammunition. Though you will find new ammo cartridges strewn around the levels, they are consumed quickly by respawning aliens that may come crawling out of the floors and walls when you least expect it. On the floors, you will also find keys for passing through locked doors. Keys must also be used with care, or you may find yourself locked out of a room containing the remaining keys that you will need in order to complete the level. Other doors are one-way, and will electrocute you if you try to pass it in the other direction.

Other major bonuses found on the floor are emergency kits for restoring your health, and credits. The credits come in handy when you find an Infotex terminal. There, you can access information about your current mission and your vital statistics, as well as buy supplies such as ammunition, weapons and keys.

Music is forfeited in this game, in favour of ambience sounds from machinery, machine gun sounds and the sounds of the aliens running around the base.


Alien Breed Amiga Buying some more powerful weapons.
Alien Breed Amiga Trying to go in opposite direction of the power field means instant incineration.
Alien Breed Amiga There is only 13 second left for you to get into the elevator. If you don't manage to get there no matter how many lives you have left it is game over.
Alien Breed Amiga Battle with mother alien.

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Critic Reviews

Computer and Video Games (CVG) Amiga Nov, 1991 91 out of 100 91
Amiga Computing Amiga Jan, 1992 91 out of 100 91
Zero Amiga Jan, 1992 91 out of 100 91
The One for Amiga Games Amiga Oct, 1991 90 out of 100 90 Amiga Jan, 2007 9 out of 10 90
Amiga Action Amiga Dec, 1991 87 out of 100 87
Amiga Power Amiga Dec, 1991 82 out of 100 82
Top Secret Amiga Sep, 1992 4 out of 5 80
Amiga Format Amiga Dec, 1991 74 out of 100 74
Play Time Amiga Dec, 1991 69 out of 100 69


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Amiga system requirements

The Amiga version comes on three disks - disk one contains an introductory animation while disks two and three contain the game itself. The game can be booted directly from disk two, however attempting to do this on an Amiga with less than one Megabyte results in a laugh being heard and a message on screen stating "Sorry - Alien Breed requires a minimum of 1 Megabyte R.A.M. 512K expansions are available from all good Amiga dealers". Team 17 founder Martin Brown is on record as to his frustration that so many Amiga games were being designed around systems without this upgrade (Costing around £30) which he felt was necessary to truly unlock the potential of a computer costing £400. Within a year almost all new Amiga games did require one Megabyte.

Sound Effects

Allister Brimble, responsible for sound on Alien Breed, tells in an interview at AGDB: "The Alien death sound effects were actually sampled newly born kittens, mutated on my sampler with an explosion added!"

Intex Entertainment

The Intex System where player can buy weapons and tools also contains a Pong-like sub-game.

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