Advertising Blurbs

Amiga, box cover back:
    Encounter spectacular arcade action as you take on the might of a terrifying Alien army that has infested a Federation Research Station.

    • Twelve massive and hugely challenging levels.
    • Tough missions and objectives to face.
    • Varied range of evil Alien creatures to overcome.
    • Technically stunning Amiga-only program.
    • Full screen, 32 colours, smooth-scrolling action.
    • Digitised speech.
    • Superb stereo 4 channel sound-effects.
    • Incredible music.
    • Powerful weaponry system.
    • Simultaneous 2 player option.

    For one or two players, this stunning new edition of the now classic "Alien Breed" gme features huge levels, new missions and much, much more - that represents a supreme challenge to new and old players alike.

    Note: this is a different edition to the full priced "Alien Breed" game, which is now no-longer on general release, nor is it the advertised sequel called "Alien Breed 2" which will be available during 1993. This version features twice the number of levels, game amendments and new missions/aliens - it DOES NOT require the original Alien Breed game to play and is a stand-alone product.

    Contributed by MAT (133149) on May 06, 2003.