Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Amiga (France/Germany/Italy/UK):
    The year is 2191 and the galaxy stands on the brink of war, only the Interplanetary Corps maintain the uneasy peace. IPCC Miraculous was heading back for Federation HQ after six months on routine patrol around the Intex Network. Nothing had happened and nothing ever did in this god forsaken place.. Crew members Johnson and Stone were glad to be going home. Then came the orders to check out a remote Space Research Centre which had failed to transmit on any of the Federation wavebands. ISRC-4 was situated near the red-giant Gianor and was the last place they wanted to go...As the crafts retros fired and the craft began it’s approach path,Johnson and Stone prepared for duty, not knowing quite what to expect. There was something strange about the eerie silence that shrouded the station, something was obviously very wrong..Slowly the crafts wings folded and the craft gently docked into shuttle bay 2, they opened the airlocks and walked straight into the midst of an Alien Breed...

    * Fantastic graphics and sound running at Arcade speed (50 Frames/Sec)
    * Simultaneous 2 player option
    * Bewildering array of atmospheric sound and speech effects
    * Written exclusively for the expanded Amiga (1 Meg or more)
    * In-game computer system featuring extra weapons, maps and utilities
    * Scene-setting story disk included, featuring amazing ray-traced graphics
    * Puzzles, traps and a host of mean, ugly and nasty Alien creatures

    CU AMIGA (90%) “Awesome graphics...Superb sound fx...Blistering 1 Meg Alien Inspired Shoot’em up...Team 17 have come up with a winner.”

    THE ONE (90%) “The speech, sound effects and in-game graphics are all excellent.. .Alien Breed is a classy product, very professional and very enjoyable... no shoot’em up fan should be without it.”

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (156080) on May 08, 2011.
    Encounter spectacular arcade action as you take on the might of a terrifying Alien Army that has infested a Federation Research Station. Featuring 12 massive challenging levels with full screen graphics, 32 colours, smooth-scrolling action and simultaneous 2 player option.

    Contributed by Xoleras (65974) on Nov 14, 2004.

Box Cover Back (US):
    All hell just broke loose in the heavens.

    Your mission: kick some mean, green Alien butt! Overcome 18 labyrinth levels of the most ferocious creatures ever to terrorize the cosmos. Then set the Intex Space Station for self-destruct and face the biggest challenge of all: get out quick or die!

    Alien Breed is not for those who are afraid of the dark.

  • 18 levels of Alien encounters and deadly missions
  • Simultaneous 2 player option
  • 256 Color graphics with ultra-smooth screen scrolling
  • Powerful sound effects and digitized speech

    Contributed by MAT (132678) on Jul 17, 2001.