Alien Carnage Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Demo - They want to turn us into zombies
Demo - Diane helps us to save the world
Demo - Our Hero, Harry
Demo - Aliens are coming to our world
Demo - And they turned us!
Demo - Their Evil Leader
Demo - But Harry will stop Aliens, won't you Harry?
Main Menu
Mission Selection
Game - Harry is on his way...
Game - Here we go!
Game - Here you are!
Title Screen of Halloween Harry (Taken from the website of Gee Whiz! Entertainment)
Your 3rd episode foe (notice anything strange?)
OMFG, it's... Elvis!
Slime from roof
machine with ammo/fuel

Windows version

Opening story
Title screen
Main menu
Choose what mission to play
Entering mission 1: sewers
And here we go
A hostage to rescue
An alien scum to kill
This is a checkpoint
This is the elevator I will take when I find all the hostages