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Alien Rape Escape Credits


IdeasBerian Morgan Williams (AGA), David Scott (scotch), Philip Dyte (Flippy_D), Alex Cline (Alkaline)
Game ScriptingBerian Morgan Williams (AGA)
Character ArtDavid Scott (scotch), Philip Dyte (Flippy_D)
Character AnimationDavid Scott (scotch)
Background ArtDavid Scott (scotch)
Background AnimationDavid Scott (scotch)
Inventory SpritesDavid Scott (scotch), Philip Dyte (Flippy_D)
Voice packJames Hamer-Morton (eVOLVE as Alien; Narrator; Alotta), Andrew Edmark (LGM as Director)
Quality Assurance Testing byBrodie Lister (CommaToes), Annie ._. OneThinkingGal
The super sexy GUIs are featured thanks toShawn Guzzo (Rodekill), Annie ._. OneThinkingGal
The game was created using Adventure Game Studio ( byChris Jones

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