Alien Shooter: Vengeance

Alien Shooter: Vengeance Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Character selection screen: choose from 8 different type of guys and gals.
It all starts up here.
Within the surface premises of the base
General Baker briefs you on the next assignment.
Encountering the first waves of the nasty aliens.
Sometimes if you shoot and break open crates you get useful goodies like ammo and cash. Also there are elevators that get you in lower or upper levels.
Mounting cannons can help in butchering the aliens quickly and efficiently.
The weapons and shop equipment's screen
Driving the armored buggy is big fun! It has tons of armor and a 6 barrel shredder on the top!
Anyone ordered a pizza? Entering a section with the armored buggy is... sweet :)
These huge blokes with the rocket launchers on their shoulders are very nasty and can really mess you up if you haven't got the proper hardware.
Whereas if you're riding the buggy these guys go down on the spot!
Fighting is done outdoors too. And these bat looking creatures are quite nasty to kill
Watch out for these plant looking creatures as they work like proximity mines; as soon as you near them they explode darts of acid all over the place.
These acid gas spitting dragons can be really nasty if you let them get close.
Some areas are flooded with water and packed with nasty alien squids that fire plasma balls.
Entering the cold M.A.G.M.A labs.
Very soon the cold and clean environment gets filled with alien guts.
Job done! These 4-legged devices are the alien remote transporters that only mean big trouble to you.
When the lights go down the fun begins!... In many areas of the game fighting is done in the dark, make sure you have a light torch with you at all times.
You have to stand on the green question mark to complete the given task (or just one of them).
In this case I'm downloading the data from a lab computer to a USB disk. I wonder if they've got any good mp3s on.
Avoid walking on green acid patches on the floor.
Gaining control of the security bots.
Not only these bots are cool to fight with, they sound funny too as they shout 'exterminate' in an 80's disco-pop style voice! They are damn hard when they are against you though.
Nope you're not acid trippin here! This is the explosion effects of one of the 5 experimental capsules in the M.A.G.M.A. labs.
Wassup big cousin? Later on you'll get the chance to drive a tank as well!
Riding the tank proves to be a rampage as the baddest aliens come to join the party.
The last levels are located in some mines where light is scarce and big guns plenty.