Alien Storm Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Select Player
Mission 1 Stage 1
Shootout at the convenience store
Statistics Screen
"Stop breathing fire on me"
Scooter on the run
Look, a trashcan... or is it?
Shootout at the electronics shop
Scooter flying through the air
Alien Boss #1
Alien Boss #2
At the trainyards
Scooter on the run again
"Put me down this instant, or prepared to be terminated!"
Mother Ship
Err... which one?
"Not you again"
The Brain
Skill Rating

Amstrad CPC version

Main Title
Select Character
The beginning
Aliens with barrels on them
Some aliens leave energy/life power-ups
Shootout at the convenience store
Use a laser beam in shootout scenes to kill the aliens
Trashed the place
Stage 2
Jumping in this level
Outside the Electronics Store
Shootout at the Electronics Store
Stage 3
"He's got me!"
Running level #2
Jumping over a huge gap
Boss #1
Boss #2
Another level, another shootout
Running level #1
Stage 4
Running level #3
Stage 5
"Which door should I enter?"
Another shootout
Kangaroo men

Arcade version

Game title
Usual day at Alien Burgers...
The logo is creepy
Choosing the character
There's a short intro before each mission (attract mode)
Fighting some alien jelly
These aliens can eat you, so take care
2-player shooting action (attract mode)
Mission stats
Starting mission 2
Hey green guy, you don't look human to me!
2 players attacking alien saucer (attract mode)
Select player
Mission 1
Grey alien
Infected human
Rail shooter sequence
Mission completed
Mission 2
They have sharp teeth
Little trouble
Running sequence
On bridge
Nice hideout
In tv shop
Face bitter
Mission 3
Aliens with wings
Car shop
Final Ratings (The End)
Final Boss

Atari ST version

Title screen
Select your character
Mission briefing
Level one
Ugly aliens
Someone needs my help
Clearing out a shop
Level one complete
An alien snail?
Firing at an alien

Commodore 64 version

Select Player
The Beginning
Shootout at the convenience store
Statistica Screen
"He's got me!"
On the run
Shootout at the electronic shop
"Put me down this instant, or prepare to be terminated"
On the run again
At the trainyards
Alien Boss #1
Is that really a plant?
Alien Boss #2
Err... which one?
Alien Boss #3
The Brain
Skill Rating

Genesis version

Select Player
Aliens tormenting people
At the trainyards
Fighting an alien in a deserted town
Alien Boss #1
On the run
There are three postboxes here, but aliens are hiding inside them
"Hey! Get the #!$* off my face"
Shootout at the convenience store
Shootout at the electronic shop
Scooter about to be eaten up
Shootout at the lab
"Hello, young man. Are you lost?"
"Put me down this instant, or prepare to be terminated!"
Warning: touching spiny things can be hazardous to your health
Taken away in the mother ship
"Greetings. We come in peace"
Err.. which one?
The path in which you must follow to get to The Brain
The Brain
Skill Rating

SEGA Master System version

Select Player
Mission 1, Stage 1
Shootout at convenience store
Mission 2, Stage 1
Running through the subway
Mission 2, Stage 3
Shootout at electronics shop
Mission 3, Stage 1
Mission 3 Boss
Shootout at warehouse
Mission 3, Stage 3
The boss in Stage 4
Mission 4, Stage 4
"It can't be. I just shot you dead"
Mission 4, Stage 3
Err... which one?
The boss you'll encounter if you take the left exit
The boss you'll encounter if you take the right exit
Destroy the brain
Game Over

Windows version

Title screen
Select player
Mission 1
Destroy aliens
Lie on the ground
Save family
Rail-shooter FPP
Another snails
Chase spider
Long jump
Winged alien
Aliens try to be a people
Yet another alien type
(FPP again) shoot this alien
In shop

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen
Title Screen
Choose your character
The first aliens you meet look a bit like chocolate chip cookies
Aliens who can disguise themselves as oil barrels
These aliens are slow but can give you a nasty slap
Sometimes aliens drop these little flying skulls
Using your smart bomb kills near enough everything on screen but depletes your energy
Carla in action
The flying skulls drop energy top ups
Gordon in action
Entering the supermarket
The view switches to first person inside buildings
In the second mission you meet these stronger aliens
The action switches to a fast auto run and you can shoot projectiles and jump obstacles
Later on you meet these flying aliens
Be careful of the gas that these enemy shoots out
Inside the electrical store
The end of level bonus screen
This boss isn't so tough
A mutation of the first boss but twice as hard
This boss rolls spikes out at you which can be shot at or jumped over
Scooter is getting close to the mother ship
At the game over screen you are judged on how well you did

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