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Alien Trilogy

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SEGA Saturn

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The Alien-licensed games go FPS PlayStation *Katakis* (37874)
More fun than it has a right to be. DOS RussS (781)
Damn good find! PlayStation Stefan K (6)
A dark arena filled with scares and creatures. SEGA Saturn thehype16 (3)

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Platform Votes Score
DOS 21 3.1
PlayStation 27 3.4
SEGA Saturn 5 3.4
Combined User Score 53 3.3

Critic Reviews

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PlayStationGamePro (US)
Two distinct groups of people will love this game - fans of the movie and fans of corridor shooters like PO'ed and Doom. And although Doom purists will find something to knock, this game is incredibly fun. A must-have for the discerning Playstation owner, this is the next step for people done with Doom.
Alien Trilogy is a fun, action-packed, first-person shooter. Definitely one of the better games from this category. If you have never played a first-person shooter, this is a good one to learn on. The controls are responsive and the game gets progressively more difficult so you can get the feel of the game before dying. This game is also huge. You will not finish this one in a day. I think you'll have hours and hours of enjoyment. Alien Trilogy is a great game and I recommend it to any fan of shooters.
PlayStationGame Players
This is easily the most impressive Acclaim title I have ever seen. The action is awesome and the move license really adds to the game. In fact, the review was late because I couldn't stop playing it. Oh well...as long as there's Alien Trilogy in The Box, I'll be OK.
SEGA SaturnPlaymag
Bon allez, c'est vrai que de temps en temps, les Aliens clignotent un peu, mais très légèrement, que les scènes cinématiques sont moches et que l'aventure est parfois un peu répétitive, mais cela n'empêche nullement Alien Trilogy d'atteindre le titre d'excellent jeu sur Saturn.
PlayStationElectric Playground
Alien Trilogy might not be the most imaginatively constructed first person action game on the market but it's definitely one of the sharpest for the PSX. And with the killer Alien license, you've got yourself a platter that must belong in your library.
PlayStationVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
If you want a game that's going to last for more than a couple of weeks and you already own Doom, then this is a pretty obvious choice. If you're scared of the dark or have a weak bladder, then avoid at all costs.
PlayStationGameFan Magazine
Alien Trilogy has great music, cool intermissions, flawless scaling and excellent lighting effects, but suffers a bit in the play mechanics department. Still, nothing recreates the Aliens experience more than this high-suspense title and on those grounds I can heartily recommend it. Just redraw the face-huggers next time, okay? Those pixels are more scary than anything that actually happens in the game...
PlayStationElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
This is one of those must-have games. Right from the beginning, I fell in love with it. The gameplay is similar to Doom with the exception of mission goals that have to be carried out. The graphics follow very closely to the movies, the music sets the mood nicely and the layout of the levels will have you coming back for more. The animations of the face huggers could be improved a bit and a single Strafe button would be nice, but it's still an action-packed thriller.
SEGA SaturnJoypad
Le jeu reste identique en tous points à la version de chez Sony. Sauf en ce qui concerne les graphismes plus pixellisés sur Saturn, une animation tout aussi bonne voire meilleure et une ambiance sonore qui, curieusement, semble de meilleure facture. On se laisse facilement envoûter par cette atmosphère véritablement unique. Pourtant, les niveaux ne sont pas toujours à la hauteur des espérances des joueurs habitués aux Doom-Like. Ceux-ci en feront rapidement le tour. Quant aux fans de science-fiction, ils ne pourront qu'apprécier ce titre.
So, fans of the Alienmovies can finally rest easy in their beds – someone has at last created a game that does the films justice. Wait a minute, though – what was that scuttling noise? Maybe they can’t rest easy after all…
SEGA SaturnVideo Games
Es geht also doch! Wenn man sich mit Entwicklern unterhält, hört man oft, wie schwer es doch sei, für den Saturn zu programmieren, aber Alien Trilogy beweist eindrucksvoll, daß die Sega-Hardware der Playstation in nichts nachsteht. In manchen Abschnitten wirkt die Grafik der Saturn-Version sogar ein wenig flüssiger und weicher. Spieltechnisch überzeugt Alien Trilogy durch klugen Levelaufbau, intelligente Gegner, die sich zumeist tatsächlich wie Lebewesen verhalten und nicht wie wandelnde Zielscheiben auf Euch zuschleichen. Zahlreiche Level garantieren langanhaltenden Spielspaß, in späteren Abschnitten warten sogar einige knifflige Rätsel auf Euch.

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PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
This shoot-em-up manages to capture all of the atmosphere of the movies, both in the sound and vision departments. The game can now be picked up at a fraction of the original price, making it a worthwhile purchase for all fans if this game genre.
SEGA SaturnGame Zero
Alien Trilogy offers you plenty in terms of game, but once through it don't expect much more. This is a first-person shooter before the days of cooperative play or on-line play with a console. The game has very little replay value other than going through and trying to find every single secret there is. If you are into that kind of thing, good for you, I wish I had that kind of time. If not, this is a game that you can pick up cheap for your Saturn, play the smack out of it for a week or two, turn around and trade it in for something else. This is a great game that should be in the library of every FPS fan.
PlayStationGame Revolution
To make it through the levels you must power up doors, blow up barricades, and collect certain items. While the missions do vary slightly, the general theme is this: explore and kill. The levels have nice variation and you can go up and down stairs and ramps.
DOSPrivat Computer PC
Alien Trilogy er alt i alt et udmærket spil, så hvis du er fan af Alien-filmene og/eller har hang til Doom-spil, så er det her lige sagen for dig.
SEGA SaturnAll Game Guide
Still, if you're a fan of first-person shooters or just an Alien movie buff, it would be wise to pick up a copy of Alien Trilogy. It is a very faithful movie translation that is action-packed, freaky, and just plain good.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
The game plays at a good pace and I was well impressed with the atmosphere created by the excellent sound and graphics. I completed the game on medium difficulty and re-started on the hard setting. This was found to be very similar to the previous setting except that the face huggers that had been destroyed, were alive again if you returned to a previously cleared area.
There are a few problems, most noticeably in the confusing level layout, but for the most part Alien Trilogy does an excellent job of turning a great movie series into a great game.
PlayStationOfficial UK PlayStation Magazine
Smooth of movement, big of picture and puzzly of action. Monsters, guns and an adventure in the offing. Oh yes, you will enjoy Alien Trilogy.
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Technisch ist Alien Trilogy der Konkurrenz leicht unterlegen, die hat für ihre Protagonisten mehr Waffen, Bewegungsmöglichkeiten und kleine Extras zu bieten. Obwohl das vorhandene Potential nicht ausgeschöpft wurde, macht die Jagd auf die Aliens doch Spaß und bekommt somit gerade noch vier Sterne von Ripley, ich meine mir.
Niggles aside, Alien Trilogy is a more than adequate first-person shoot 'em up. It's got plenty of atmosphere, moves pretty speedily and looks good on-screen. It doesn't really add anything new to the genre, but then most people would have at least seen it on the psx and won't be expecting any surprises. The problem is, it's not much more than adequate. It's fun, but lacks any imagination or those irritating puzzles that make Quake and Duke Nukem so outstanding. It's good, but limited.
As I said before, it really comes down to this: How much do you want to play Aliens? If you are a real fan of the movie, you will probably enjoy this game. It incorporates many of the same sounds and images that kept you screaming in the theater years ago, except this time, you’re in the driver’s seat. In addition, you get to use all the familiar toys from the original, like the smart cannon and flame thrower. However, for those gamers already drowning in 3D action cookie-cutter copies, you’ve seen everything here. True adrenaline junkies may also find some fun in the fright factor of this game, but there are no features in this game that you haven’t seen before. How much you enjoy the game depends on how much you enjoy Aliens, and not much else.
SEGA SaturnGameSpot
Every now and then a game spawned from film hits the mark, and Alien Trilogy captures the gruesome essence of one of Hollywood's best high-tension thriller/action offerings. Simply put, this is an excellent video game and to date it's perhaps the best Doom-clone to bloody the consoles.
DOSEntertainment Weekly
Everyone's favorite acid-spawned parasites are back in Alien Trilogy, which convincingly captures the claustrophobic, eerie vibe of the three Alien movies. Played from the perspective of Sigourney Weaver's Ripley, the shoot-'em-up, scavenger-hunt mission pits you against the film's xenomorphs as well as some humans.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
In conclusion, if you are a big fan of the Alien films or of scary, first-person shooter games, you owe it to yourself to pick up Alien Trilogy. It is crammed with enough darkness, mood, atmosphere, and alien monsters to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. Be warned that it is a pretty challenging game filled with long, complex levels, but people willing to overlook this will relish its world for weeks.
DOSPC Player (Denmark)
Det er lidt skuffende, når man tænker på de film, spillet er baseret over, men for at slutte med noget positivt bør jeg nævne at spillets minimumskrav i det mindste er rimelig lave.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic
The face-grabbers look terrific as they scamper across the floor, but when they grab your face, the pixelation is horrendous. The normal aliens are also pixilated and flat, and never seem to come within five feet, even when they attack. It's not perfect, but if Alien Trilogy wants to make you feel like you're in one of the Alien films, it succeeds in a big way.
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Selbst ein Alien-Fan bekommt hier gemischte Gefühle. Auf der einen Seite stehen Features wie die gute Gegner-KI, die erstklassige Spielmusik und die spannende Atmospähre. Auf der anderen Seite nerven das seltsame Gehüpfe der Spielfigur, die unrealistischen Schüsse sowie die fürchterlich pixeligen Alien-Sprites. Wer kein Sammler von Aliens-Artikeln ist, sollte zu Konkurrenzprodukten greifen.
DOSPower Play
Von den Ankündigungen ist nicht viel übriggeblieben: Die „Alien Trilogy“ flutscht nicht hochauflösend über den Screen, sondern spielt sich altmodisch in VGA. Waffen, Explosionen und Gegner wirken fast schon lächerlich und verlieren chancenlos jeden Vergleich mit den technisch überlegenen Titeln von 3D-Realms oder id Software. Dazu gesellen sich spielerische Mängel, die ein 3D-Shooter heutzutage nicht mehr haben darf: Etwa wenn sich eine Alienkönigin so in eine Nische hineinmanövriert, daß sie feststeckt und in aller Ruhe gemäht werden kann oder verschwundene Aufzüge zum Neustart des Levels zwingen. Auf der Habenseite verbucht das Programm die klevere Levelgestaltung: Die bringt das ganz bestimmte Alien-Feeling einigermaßen rüber, die klaustrophobische Stimmung der Filme baut sich stellenweise auch im Spiel auf. Ein übriges macht der Bewegungsmelder: Spannung ist, wenn sich was anschleicht, ich es aber nicht sehen kann. Insgesamt für echte Fans der Filme gerade noch empfehlenswert.
DOSJust Games Retro
Aside from the slew of Alien 3 games released alongside the movie, and a few unspeakable Atari 2600-era cow pies, Alien Trilogy marks the first real attempt to document the adventures of Ellen Ripley in gaming form. An extremely loose plot ties together the three films - you'll go back to LV-426, despite the fact that it was blown to smithereenies at the end of Aliens. You'll then shuttle over to the prison complex from Alien 3, despite the fact that it was on another planet altogether. Finally, you'll head over to Giger's ship from Alien and, well at this point, who really cares why? If you're looking for Alien Trilogy to make sense, just give up right now.
PlayStationComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Viewed now, the limitations of Alien Trilogy are apparent. 3D games, after all, have moved on a hell of a lot. It still functions very successfully as a movie to game conversion, mainly because the atmosphere works so well. The player will also get a few shocks from this blaster as they progress, and the visual effects still stand up. However this no longer looks like cutting edge stuff.
DOSComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Viewed now, the limitations of Alien Trilogy are apparent. 3D games, after all, have moved on a hell of a lot. It still functions very successfully as a movie to game conversion, mainly because the atmosphere works so well. The player will also get a few shocks from this blaster as they progress, and the visual effects still stand up. However this no longer looks like cutting edge stuff.
DOSAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
This review sat in between 2.5 and 3 stars, but I decided it deserved to get rounded down. In my humble opinion, this game probably isn't worth the download time. The full version might very well be good, but I think Acclaim could have done much better with this demo. Maybe by offering more than 2 levels (c'mon guys, it's only two levels?). However, if you've got an hour to kill, you can download the game, install it, play it, win it, and remove it from your hard drive and still have time left for a bite to eat.
DOSHigh Score
Atmosfären är fullt godkänd, grafiken är utmärkt och temat är tillräckligt bra. Varför kunde man då inte ha gjort skjutandet bättre? Då hade Alien Trilogy varit ett lysande spel. Nu känner man mest ett sting av besvikelse.
All right, you really like the Alien movies (except you didn't dig the last one nearly as much as the first two). You love first-person shooters like Duke Nukem 3D and Quake. You walk into your local software store and spot Alien Trilogy, Acclaim's new first-person shooter based on the movies you love. It's like a dream come true, right? Right - if the dream were a nightmare. Actually, that's a little bit harsh. Alien Trilogy isn't a horrible game; in fact, if it had been released two years ago I'd probably be inclined to give it a fair rating. But hey, it's 1997 - and after seeing what can be done with first-person shooters on the PC, Alien Trilogy looks like a real trip back in time.