Alien Vs. Predator Ad Blurbs (SNES)

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Advertising Blurbs

Comic book ad:



    Two titans of terror are about to square off in the more fearsome fighting the galaxy has ever seen!

    As a Predator Warrior, you'll battle dozens of deadly, double-jawed Alien beasts bent on your annihilation. But you're ready. A cloaking device makes you instantly invisible. You're armed to the teeth with spears, lasers, wristblades and killer kickboxing maneuvers - Weapons you'll need to survive ten treacherous levels of claw-to-claw combat.

    Overcome swarms of Alien drones, warriors, chestbursters, face-huggers and you still face your ultimate challenge: a monstrous battle with the Alien Queen! Alien vs Predator, now face to hideous face on the SNES, Game Boy and MS-DOS from Activision.

    Contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (59603) on Sep 04, 2012.

Back of Box:
    The Cosmic Clash of the Century

    You're a Predator warrior in the 25th century - an awesome monster with an ugly face, brute strength and very cool weapons. Trained to fight with all that Predator technology has to offer - destroy or be destroyed!

    You've come to New Shanghai, a city on the planet Vega 4, to hunt humans, but instead you find Aliens - powerful, double-jawed beasts bent on annihilating life. You're outnumbered, but not outsmarted - the hunt is on.

    Alien drones, warriors, chest-busters and face-huggers stand in your way. Use your lasers, blades and special weapons of destruction to win honor for your deeds. Destroy the Guardian Aliens to advance to the next level, then follow your primal instinct to reach the ultimate prey...the Alien Queen!

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69531) on Jan 10, 2006.