Aliens vs Predator (Hunter Edition) Screenshots

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Xbox 360 version

Inside the "Hive" survivor map.
"Hive" is a cramped room with catwalks.
Here they come!
On the shores of the "Docks" multiplayer map.
Down in the bowels of the "Docks" facility.
Knocked down by a Predator outside the Docks. Impressive detail on the cloak.
A Predator prepares to take his next trophy.
Holding out on the "Machine" Survivor map.
On the lower level of the machine room. Doesn't look hopeful.
Death camera, showing a wide view of the "Machine" map.
Go, dude, go!
Central area of the "Outpost" map.
Inside the ruined namesake of "Outpost".
Hive tunnels running underneath the outpost.