Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Amiga (US):

    The exciting software based on the hit movie

    All Dogs Go To Heaven

    Featuring Charlie, Ann Marie, Itchy and the Gang

    You control your All Dogs friends through ten arcade, adventure and strategy games that include:

    • RAT RACE, an obstacle course race
    • WATCH ARCADE, a fast-reaction game
    • CATCH THE FLEA, a coordination challenge
    • RESCUE, a dimensional maze game
    • THE GREAT ESCAPE, a logic game
    • JUNKYARD CHASE, catch the pocket-watch in the maze
    • STABLES, a word scramble
    • JUNKYARD JIGSAW, a computer jigsaw puzzle
    • 402 MAPLE STREET, a graphic maze game
    • DOG FIGHT, a ninja arcade game

    Each game can be played at several difficulty levels that you control.

    ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN, the computer game, features the wonderful music and many of the same animated scenes that you loved from the Don Bluth motion picture.

    Contributed by Fred VT (25982) on Aug 05, 2010.