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All-Star Baseball 2000

All-Star Baseball 2000 Game Boy Color Title screen.


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Game Boy Color
Nintendo 64

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Game Boy Color 1 0.0
Nintendo 64 3 2.9
Combined MobyScore 4 2.2

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Nintendo 64GamePro (US)
All-Star Baseball's double-play combo of electrifying gameplay and dynamite graphics make it the hardball game to beat this season so far. Griffey's still in development, but sports gamers would be fools to strike out on the opportunity to play Acclaim's newest grandslam title.
Nintendo 64Total! (Germany)
Iguana West hat mit diesem Season-Update vorbildliche Arbeit geleistet. Sowohl am bloßen Umfang als auch der Auswahl der Bereiche, in denen die Programmierer Hand angelegt haben, können sich eine Sportspielentwickler ein Beispiel nehmen. Den größten Schwachpunkt des Vorgängers, die fehlende Atmosphäre, wußten die Texaner ebenfalls zu beseitigen. Statt sich allein auf die um einige Kommentare ergänzte Sprachausgabe zu verlassen, veränderte das Team die 2000er-Version noch auf zwei weiteren Gebieten. Zum einen gestaltet sich der gesamte Spielablauf ein wenig flotter, zum anderen tragen neue und dramatische Kameraperspektiven zu einer ansprechenden Stadionstimmung bei. Keine Frage, wer sich für diesen hierzulande wenig beachteten Sport interessiert und seinen Augen etwas wirklich Außergewöhnliches bieten will, landet mit Acclaims All-Star Baseball 2000 den diesjährigen Volltreffer!
Nintendo 64Game Revolution
While I understand that the Yankees are (technically speaking) the best team ever, outscoring opponents by scores of 29-3 or 19-1 is a bit much. I'm good, but not THAT good.

I also have an issue with some of the finer play mechanics, particularly pick-offs and close calls. Sliding looks good, but it seems almost random whether or not you make the tag. Too often, I gave up a double because the runner slid under my tag . . . even though I had the ball in hand for a good two seconds before he reached the bag.

But these problems are mostly minimal. ASB 2000 is a great game and a must-have for any N64 sports library. There's still room for improvement, but not a whole helluva lot. This is about as fancy as you can get on the N64.
Nintendo 64All Game Guide
If nothing else, both Acclaim and Iguana deserve kudos for delivering an absolutely beautiful baseball title that doesn't skimp on the detailed features fans expect to see in a "serious" game. Players should be warned that this is more of a simulation than an Arcade experience, so if you can't appreciate the subtle strategy or slower-paced feel of the sport, then leave this game at the clubhouse. Everyone else should take a swing at the best console baseball game of 1999.
Nintendo 64IGN
Downfalls aside, ASB 2000 delivers in nearly every area and continues to dominate Nintendo 64 as the most polished, best designed baseball game. If you seek a simulation take on America's favorite pastime, then we suggest you run immediately to your nearest retailer and buy this game.
Nintendo 64Officiel Nintendo Magazine
Du beau et du bon. Du moment qu'on fait preuve de patience... et de stratégie !
Nintendo 64Gamezilla
If you are a baseball fan, I suggest you check this game out. If you have All-Star Baseball '99, there have been some modifications but not any wholesale changes, so you will have to weigh this in your decision. I think this is the best baseball game around, but if they had polished it up just a little more it could have been baseball heaven. This game is almost as fun to sit back and watch as it is to play. Acclaim is getting a lot of mileage out of this game engine, so I am curious to see what they have up their sleeves for next year.
Nintendo 64GameSpot
The All Star Baseball series has far and away been the best baseball game series on the N64. This year, Acclaim and Iguana have continued the tradition by adding new gameplay features and refinements, keeping this year's version in top shape.
Nintendo 64Super Play
Det vore väl en lätt överdrift att påstå att baseball är någon stor sport på den här sidan av Atlanten. För den som vill lära sig något om den amerikanska ligan MLB är det här dock en bra lektion.
Nintendo 64HappyPuppy
All things considered, this game has progressed by leaps and bounds since last year. It is beautiful and the situations that arise during gameplay are often quite realistic. For instance, no one ever gets thrown out at first after hitting a line drive to right field, and no fielder can run down a ball in the gap by holding down a turbo button. Not only is it realistic; it’s pretty darn fun to play.
Nintendo 64Power Unlimited
Deze game is in grafisch opzicht de mooiste die ik ooit heb gezien, met name doordat de bewegingen en stijlen van bijna alle Major League spelers zijn gesimuleerd. Hierdoor krijgt het spel een enorme variëteit want iedere speler tegen wie je speelt is anders, zelfs de gezichtsuitdrukkingen zijn die van de echte spelers. Zo maakt het dus echt uit tegen wie je balt.
Game Boy ColorPower Unlimited
Als je van baseball houdt, is dit waarschijnlijk de beste Game Boy titel, daarom is het extra jammer dat de graphics en het geluid beneden peil zijn.
Game Boy ColorPocket Magazine / Pockett Videogames
Les options sont également bien fournies et, pendant le jeu, un nombre important de paramètres peuvent être modifiés (placement du joueur, hauteur et puissance du lancer, etc.). Quant à la réalisation, elle tient parfaitement la route. Le graphisme est détaillé, les zooms puissants et diriger ses joueurs ne pose pas de problème majeur. Seul défaut, l’absence de musique mais, après tout, cela permet de mieux se concentrer sur l’action!
Game Boy ColorIGN
Although baseball isn't my cup of tea, All-Star Baseball 2000 isn't really that bad of a game. If Realtime worked a bit harder on balancing the batting aspect and touching up on the visuals, they would've had a solid baseball simulation. Still yet, it is the best choice for the Game Boy Color but certainly does have a long way to go to oust the reigning portable champ, Baseball Stars for the NeoGeo Pocket Color.
Game Boy ColorElectric Playground
Put succinctly, All-Star Baseball 2000 is as good a baseball game as you will find for the GBC, but the GBC just isn’t a great baseball platform. The tiny screen and limited directional pad take away from the fun and the game just isn’t one that most gamers will find themselves staying up into the wee hours of the night to play.
Nintendo 64The Video Game Critic
All Star 2000 has no glaring flaws, but I found its cursor-based pitching and batting to be slow and tedious, and I hate having to wait for the catcher to throw the ball back to the pitcher. The computer AI is pretty weak, making it very easy to strike out CPU-controlled hitters. Saving your season consumes almost an entire memory pack. Baseball purists will appreciate All Star Baseball's realism, but casual gamers may doze off long before the seventh-inning stretch.