Advertising Blurbs

Back of Keep Case - PlayStation 2 (Germany):

    Der wohl realistischsten Baseball-Simulation gelingt 2003 der ganz große Wurf!

    • Über 80 neue Features und Verbesserungen, darunter:
      • Vollständig überarbeitete Menüoberfläche
      • Speichermöglichkeit während des Spiels
    • 9 neue Spielmodi, darunter:
      • Szenario-Modus
      • Pick-Up-Modus
      • Umfassenderer Franchise-Modus mit noch mehr Möglichkeiten
    • Mehr als 110 Legenden der MLB und Negro Leagues — darunter Rabe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb, Cal Ripken, Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson und Buck O‘Neil.

    Der Nr. 1 Baseball-Bestseller'*

    *Basierend auf den Gesamt-Franchiseverkäufen


    Realistischere Spieler-Animationen als je zuvor

    Verbessertes Fielding, Werfen und Baserunning

    Mehr als 50 spielbare Teams

    75 Stadien, 200 Trikots und 20 freispielbare Teams

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (200677) on May 14, 2011.

"Nintendo Winter 2002" promotional booklet - GameCube:
    Coming this Spring, play as the top Major League Players of today, as well as history's greatest in the latest version of the award-winning All-Star Baseball featuring Derek Jeter. Go to bat as Derek, or any of your other favorite stars vs. all-time immortals such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, or Jackie Robinson. Experience the most realistic baseball game ever directly on your Nintendo GameCube or online with a friend! Look for all new features such as Pick-Up Game Mode where you get to choose new teams at all new stadiums!

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4675) on Feb 26, 2006.

    I love baseball!

    Acclaim's flagship baseball franchise is back with tons of new features and improvements.


    • Overhauled front-end, with easy-to-navigate menus
    • Innovative, all-new storyline
    • All major league teams, players, uniforms and stadiums
    • 110 retired Legends of MLB and the Negro Leagues, including Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Cal Ripken and Satchel Paige

    Good performances unlock a collection of player cards and other features like stadium tours, old-time teams and historic uniforms. You can even unlock interviews with baseball legends that are sure to pluck at the heartstrings of devout fans.

    Scenario mode is your chance to re-live baseball moments from the 2002 season and even change the outcome of key games. For example, take control of Mariano Rivera and close out the game July 14 against the Indians or try to crank Mike Cameron's fifth homer on May 2, 2002.

    Quickplay mode lets you jump right into a game. Swing for the fences in Home Run Derby. In Pick-up Game, each side chooses favorite players to form a roster, then plays on an imaginary field such as a cornfield, city park or sandlot. You can take over all aspects of an MLB team in Franchise Mode or just play for the world championship in Series mode. Expansion mode lets you make your own custom team, from choosing a home city and mascot to drafting your squad. A complete spring training schedule can be played prior to each season. All-Star Baseball 2004 extensively tracks stats.

    The controls and interface remain mostly unchanged from past games in the series. You can choose from four different batting interfaces and toggle the pitching aid and strike zone on or off. This game is so realistic that umpires will sometimes call balls and strikes wrong! You also have a choice of three difficulty levels. As many as four players can participate in a game.

    Fielding is handled well as you are almost always in control of the proper fielder. The L and R Buttons advance or return all runners respectively. To control individual runners you must deftly select them using the Control Pad.

    Each of the 200 uniforms included in the game is nicely detailed. The 75 stadiums appear in full 3D glory. The automatic replays showcase the spot-on player animations. You can choose for pitches to be displayed with normal or exaggerated motion. Authentic touches include sliding catches, evasive slides and dramatic double plays. Player faces have been scanned, and each has his characteristic batting stance. Accurate slay-by-play commentary can be heard in English or Spanish. Other audible touches include organ music, batter walk-up music and stadium-specific cheers.

    Bottom Line

    All-Star Baseball 2004 is dripping with baseball history. The many subtle improvements and unlockable extras make it worth a look even if you already have last year's version.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66829) on May 08, 2005.

Acclaim US website - PS2/Xbox/GC:


    The #1 baseball game just got better! Like Derek Jeter, All-Star Baseball 2004 is the game "with all the tools." With the most realistic simulation ever, easier to play functionality, and the same all around skill set that makes Derek the leader and winner he is, ASB 2004 truly is the game with all the tools.

    Be sure to visit our interactive tour! We'll show you every option, every menu, every feature, and everything there is to see past the start button - just as if you were playing it yourself!


  • On-line capabilities, featuring downloadable roster updates.

  • History's greatest Negro League players such as Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige, and Buck O'Neil.

  • All-new legends teams featuring Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, & Ty Cobb.

  • Scenario mode where Derek Jeter introduces actual MLB footage to set-up in-game situations and recommendations.

  • Pick-up game mode that enables you to choose up sides with your favorite players in all new stadiums.

  • Panoramic Stadium Tour where Derek highlights all the interesting facts and features of each stadium.

  • Multimedia Section featuring live game footage of Jeter and other Major League stars.

  • All-new Rookie Mode where Derek will serve as a guide and instructor in the tutorial.



    ArmChair Empire - 9.6/10
    "ASB is a great baseball title that gets nearly everything correct. If you can buy only one console baseball title this year, make it All-Star Baseball 2004."

    "All-Star Baseball is a perennial fan favorite, and the home crowd will not be disappointed by this year's entry either."

    "It's fair to say that All-Star Baseball 2004 is the best ASB yet, and fans of the series won't go wrong with any version."

    "ASB has some amazing presentation qualities and a slew of great licenses. With over 50 playable reams, 75 stadiums, 200 uniforms, 20 unlockable teams, and an option for Spanish play-by-play, ASB 2004 may end up being the game to get." (Full Article:


    All-Star Baseball Predicts All-Star Game Results
    Before the first pitch of the 2003 Major League Baseball All-Star Game is thrown at Chicago's U.S. Cellular Field, Nomar Garciaparra of the Boston Red Sox has already been crowned this year's MVP as a result of leading the American League to a 4-3 victory... (Full Story:

    All-Star Baseball 2004 Simulates 2003 Season
    Before each team has played their opening game of the 2003 Major League Baseball® season, the Philadelphia Phillies can begin planning their post-season celebration... (Full Story:

    All-Star Baseball 2004 Ships
    Stepping up to the plate with the power of 2002's #1 selling baseball video game franchise, Acclaim Sports today announced that its eagerly anticipated All-Star Baseball 2004 Featuring Derek Jeter will be available in stores nationwide this weekend. (Full Story:

    Acclaim Sports Balks at Midway's Claim To Having The #1 Baseball Video Game of 2002.
    Digging in its cleats against the competition, Acclaim Sports responded to an announcement made by Midway Sports regarding the success of their baseball video game. According to The NPD Group, Acclaim's All-Star Baseball franchise was in fact the #1 selling baseball video game brand of 2002, having sold more than 563,000 units combined across all of the next-generation gaming systems. In addition, Acclaim's 2002 aggregate baseball video game sales were nearly 30 percent higher than Midway's, 42 percent higher than Electronic Arts' and 68 percent higher than 3DO's. (Full Story:


    IGN Editors' Choice Award
    All-Star Baseball 2003
    All-Star Baseball 2002
    All-Star Baseball 2001

    PLAY Magazine's Baseball Game of Year
    All-Star Baseball 2003

    Parents Choice 2002 Gold Award
    All-Star Baseball 2003

    EGM Editors' Choice Award
    All-Star Baseball 2001
    All-Star Baseball 2000

    GamePro Baseball Game Of The Year
    All-Star Baseball 1999


    Game Now
    "All-Star Baseball has an unprecedented amount of game play options to go along with its dazzling visuals. Gamers know that ASB has a heritage of quality, but this year looks to set a new benchmark." (ASB 2003)

    "...One of the best baseball games I've played, and I've played them all." (ASB 2003)

    "Bottom line, Acclaim knows baseball." (ASB 2002)

    "The best game of hardball that you'll find..." (ASB 2002)

    Contributed by Xoleras (66829) on Sep 05, 2004.

Back Cover - PlayStation 2:


    The Deepest Baseball Simulation Available Just Got Deeper for 2003!

    The most realistic player animations

    Improved Fielding, Throwing & Baserunning

    Over 50 playable teams

    75 stadiums, 200 uniforms and 20 unlockable teams

  • More than 80 new features and improvements, including:
    • Complete front end overhaul
    • In-game save capability

  • 9 new gameplay modes, including:
    • Scenario Mode
    • Pick-up Game Mode
    • Deeper, more customizable Franchise Mode

  • Over 110 retired Legends of Major League Baseball and Negro Leagues - including Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb, Cal Ripken, Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson and Buck O'Neil.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69396) on Dec 07, 2003.