Alley Cat Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari 8-bit version

Title Screen
The front of the house
The spider room
The caged bird room
Fish Tank

PC-88 version

Title screen/options
Front of the house
Inside - whoa, what a cheese

PC Booter version

Title screen (PCjr)
The cat is outside (PCjr)
Knock the birdcage over, avoid the broom (PCjr)
The cat is in yet another house (PCjr)
There is a fishbowl here! (PCjr)
The cat is swimming in the fishbowl (PCjr)
That's a big block of cheese! (PCjr)
The cat in love (PCjr)
Some bonus points (PCjr)
Title Screen (CGA)
Alley Cat options (CGA)
Outside... (CGA)
Dead by Dog (CGA)
Go for the Fish. (CGA)
Paws Game / Pause (CGA)
Da Fish Bowl: One illogical aspect of Alley Cat. (1) Cats and water (2) Size of fish bowl. But then again, who cares? (CGA)
Zap! (Dead) (CGA)
Luv Cat (CGA)
Broken love (CGA)
the Cat and the BIG CHEESE (CGA)
Another house... (CGA)
Score before you go to get the Love Cat (CGA)
Push the birdcage from the table then catch the bird (as long as the broom is busy cleaning the floor, it won't bother you) (CGA)
Witness the scariest moment in gaming history: drinking milk from the bowls of the dogs... please be careful little kitty! (CGA)
Oh dear, the dogs got me (CGA)
Hanging onto the clothesline... who's the pretty babe in the window? (CGA)
Once you've got eight kids life gets really tough (CGA)