Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare Screenshots

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Dreamcast version

Title screen
Aline begins her quest on the rooftop
Aline explores the mansion rooftop
Aline breaks into the room of an sick, old lady
Aline faces a creature of the darkness
Carnby's selection screen; notable trait: his gun
A remarkable touch early on-- lightning strikes and the player catches a glimpse of ghostly figures
Carnby must be able to smell blood in the dark
Carnby explores the lovely garden
No! Bad dog! Carnby gets to use his double-barreled gun
Carnby on approach to the mansion

Windows version

Main Menu
(Intro scene) Main Title
(Intro scene) Edward Carnby, our well known male protagonist.
(Intro scene) In this sequel we got a female protagonist to play with as well, only she leans more on her wit than firepower.
After the plane crashed, main characters landed on different places. This is where you select with whom to play first.
Only disadvantage of using walkie-talkie is that your flashlight can't be used simultaneously. Luckily, this room has lights lit.
This game confirms on part of the title - you'll be in the dark most of the time, but not the other - you won't be alone... ever.
When your line shows blue then your health is at maximum. You con't see any number to confirm your HP, only the color contrast.
You must handle things in your possesion form the inventory. For example, you must use key from your inventory in order to open the door. You can also examine and zoom all the objects in 3D rotating view.
Lighting effects are without a doubt well executed and perfectly support the atmosphere.
Up on the roof.
Sometimes when you won't have any weapon, the light will be your only ally against the shadow lurkers.
Rooms are really nicely rendered and give you an actual feeling of being there. And shadowing works just fine in game.
It's very supporting whenever you run into a light-switch to turn it on first, and ask questions later.
Whenever you click action button, your character will most likely make some comment if possible. However, when talking in the game, there are no subtitles.
Flashlight will only help you keep the distance from the monsters, but once you turn on the light, they're gone :)
When you aim, the flashlight will automatically highlight a foe, you only need to be approx. turned towards the threat.
Hey, what happened to the jacket? Is she gonna remove any other part of her clothes? :)
Finding things in the game is rather difficult, especially since you need to be at the exact spot for engine to work.
Whoa, what's that glowing... a grenade launcher, eh? :) Yup, things you can pick usually glow when you flashlight them, but that doesn't make 'em that much easier for you to find.
For those who think the game sets you just inside some spooky mansion, would be wrong. There are vast areas to explore, especially in open areas.
At the gates of an underground fortress.
Carnby and Aline, sometimes they'll work in pair, too.
As much as everything else, water effects are real asset to the details. Very convincing character movements while in the water.
Carnby, exiting the sewer. While climbing the ladder, shooting is not possible, but you cannot be attacked, either.
The beginning
Near the gate
The gate is secured
On the path to the estate
Blood on stairs
The wounded man says it was done by something unhuman
Set Bobo set ! Hauuuu ! Good dog .
Something unhuman
It is always handy to find some bullets
I don't take any chances
To climb all that ?!
Nearly got killed
Well, it's time to make a little bath

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  • Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare Screenshot
  • Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare Screenshot
  • Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare Screenshot
  • Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare Screenshot
  • Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare Screenshot