Altered Beast

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Great conversion of the arcade hit, underestimated due to overexposure. Genesis Majestic Lizard (655)
Welcome to your doom Genesis *Katakis* (37914)
An original story comes to life in this coin-op conversion. Genesis aaron pridemore (11)
A cult classic Genesis AaronGamer (42)
Sloooow down SEGA Master System ETJB (447)
Slightly better than average arcade conversion. DOS gametrader (229)
A particularly good conversion of a particularly bad arcade game. DOS Tomer Gabel (4353)
Nice!!! Genesis Thiago Loureiro (3)

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 12 2.6
Amstrad CPC 4 2.4
Arcade 8 3.8
Atari ST 8 2.6
Commodore 64 5 2.9
DOS 23 3.7
Genesis 56 3.2
iPhone 1 4.0
MSX 3 3.1
NES 5 4.0
Nintendo 3DS Awaiting 1 votes...
PlayStation 3 4 4.1
SEGA Master System 14 2.6
TurboGrafx-16 5 3.8
TurboGrafx CD 3 3.5
Wii 8 3.0
Windows 7 3.3
Xbox 360 4 4.2
Zodiac 1 4.0
ZX Spectrum 5 2.9
Combined User Score 176 3.2

Critic Reviews

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SEGA Master SystemGamesCollection
Altered Beast è sempre stato uno dei miei giochi preferiti. Rivivere le emozioni provate in sala giochi seduto comodamente a casa mia fu un'emozione indescrivibile. Certo la conversione non è paragonabile all'originale, ma difficilmente si poteva fare di meglio.
GenesisThe Games Machine (UK)
The gameplay is a natural for the Sega even though it's hardly original — likewise the action is sedate compared with Space Harrier 2 and Super Thunder Blade, but Altered Beast is a coin-op conversion to the letter — and that can't be bad.
AmigaCU Amiga
Each one of the five levels has a high standard of graphics, although several frames of animation have been sacrificed per character. But it nevertheless retains the overall look of the arcade game very well. The main tune is a very apt thumping soundtrack which fits the mood well. All things considered, with the difficult nature of the conversion, Activision have done a sterling job in retaining all the original features - and the two player mode makes for a very neat conversion.
AmigaACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
The game is probably at its best when the two-player option is selected, but if you play on your own you should still find yourself making some headway after a little practise. If you don't like beat-em-ups then there is not much here to interest you. If you enjoyed the arcade original, however, then you will not be disappointed by Activision's effective conversion.
Atari STST Format
Altered Beast doesn't claim to be an imaginative game and if you're not a beat 'em up addict you won't like it. This one differs from the rest in that it boasts brilliant graphics. The first time you set eyes on its massive animated sprites and well-drawn backgrounds you know you're in for a treat. To an extend it delivers. Where it falls down, though, is in the animation: there simply aren't enough frames of animation to give truly smooth, lifelike movement. Yet despite its lack of originality, Altered Beast has a classy feel that really makes you feel a part of the game.
TurboGrafx CDJoystick (French)
Le graphisme est superbe. L'animation est un peu lente, mais reste fidèle à la version des bornes d'arcade. Il est cependant dommage que quelques bugs intempestifs viennent troubler votre aventure. Altered Beast existe aussi en carte. Il est possible de jouer à deux, simultanément. Cette option n'apparaît pas dans la version CD-Rom. Pourquoi ? On ne le saura certainement jamais.
AmigaAmiga Computing
To say the gameplay is aggressive would be to commit criminal understatement. At later levels you will know what a small white plastic sphere feels like at the Olympics. If you do not get your enhancer potion quick, it is party time for all the worms again. It is easy to speculate that with such a long period between the release of the arcade machine and this Amiga conversion that someone could have done a better job of the graphics. Nevertheless, it is sufficiently playable and challenging to warrant investigation.
Premier jeu sur Sega Megadrive, Altered Beast a sa place parmi les classiques devenus cultes au fil du temps. Le jeu est bien ficelé, il y a une logique et l'intrigue avance à chaque tableau. On regrette la difficulté, gros point faible du jeu, mais qui ne nous empêche pas de (re)passer un bon moment devant notre console, seul ou à deux, entre nostalgiques du genre et de l'époque.
Premier jeu sur Sega Megadrive, Altered Beast a sa place parmi les classiques devenus cultes au fil du temps. Le jeu est bien ficelé, il y a une logique et l'intrigue avance à chaque tableau. On regrette la difficulté, gros point faible du jeu, mais qui ne nous empêche pas de (re)passer un bon moment devant notre console, seul ou à deux, entre nostalgiques du genre et de l'époque.
Premier jeu sur Sega Megadrive, Altered Beast a sa place parmi les classiques devenus cultes au fil du temps. Le jeu est bien ficelé, il y a une logique et l'intrigue avance à chaque tableau. On regrette la difficulté, gros point faible du jeu, mais qui ne nous empêche pas de (re)passer un bon moment devant notre console, seul ou à deux, entre nostalgiques du genre et de l'époque.
GenesisAll Game Guide
Graphics and sound are impressive for the first 16-bit game released in 1989. Characters are nicely detailed and the levels scroll without problem. Voices can be heard along with some spooky sound effects. The two-player mode is a great feature because you can both change into the beasts and wreak some havoc. Overall, it is a good action game with cool beast transformations. And while Altered Beast is not too difficult, it could use more levels.
Uma história de muita ação: um centurião romano é ressucitado por Zeus, o deus dos deuses na mitologia grega. Athenas, filha de Zeus, foi seqüestrada pelo perigoso Neff. O centurião, para sobreviver às cinco fases do jogo, vai se transformando em animal, conforme a situação.
SEGA Master SystemVideoGame
Para enfrentar Neff, seu inimigo, lutando ainda contra os escravos dele, um centurião romano vai tomando pílulas de transformação, qu estão no interior dos lobos brancos de três cabeças. A missão é trazer de volta Athena, filha de Zeus, o principal geus grego.
Altered Beast é a versão Nintendo para este sensacional game, também chamado de Galactic Crusader. Você deve resgatar a filha de Zeus do malígno Neff em oito fases, podendo se transformar em lobo, dragão e até tubarão.
Commodore 64Commodore Format
There's lots of nice scenery and no shortage of good, old-fashioned thumping to do, so if you're feeling adventurous (and I admit that I am, at the mo) it's worth a go.
Commodore 64Computer and Video Games (CVG)
A reasonably accurate conversion. Fans of the arcade may glean some enjoyment from the action, but others may be disappointed by the lack of levels and slow game-play.
Commodore 64Zzap!
I can't understand how Activision could have made such a stupid mistake with the Amiga conversion. Unlike the coin-op and the 64 version, the two players are absolutely identical, making two-player games totally confusing! Otherwise, on both machines, the graphics are fine although never really spectacular. The kick and punch gameplay is fun, but except for defeating the large nasties, that's basically all there is to it. I found the 64 game to be marginally the more playable of the two (especially for two players), making better use of the machine, although the multiload is a pain.
ZX SpectrumSinclair User
The Altered Beast Sega coin-op is a fairly wicked affair with some great graphics, especially which is why this conversion seems a little lacking. The graphics are pretty and the backdrops are quite good but the scrolling from left to right is slow and jerky with the attribute clash bordering on the painful. However the gameplay is there and it's okay so Altered Beasts should look attractive to fans of the coin op, if only because they can save a fortune in 50 pees.
Le souvenir que j'ai le mieux gardé d'Altered Beast est de le voir lui et la Mega Drive pour la première fois dans un hypermarché. Il tournait sur un écran de télévision immense, ses personnages paraissaient gigantesques, le son était explosif. Tout dans ce jeu semble plus grand que nature, ce qui est sans doute pourquoi Sega l'a choisi pour mettre en valeur sa nouvelle console d'alors. Mais en même temps, son style extravagant, déjà perceptible à l'époque, ne m'avait pas séduit. De nos jours, par rapport à la production moderne, c'est au contraire ce qui le rend si attrayant, pour la bonne raison qu'on ne sait plus faire de jeux comme ça. Si l'on essayait, cela sonnerait tout de suite faux, aurait un air forcé. Dans les années 80, c'était naturel; le fantasque, l'imagination débridée, les couleurs bariolées et l'action démesurée venaient sans effort. C'est pour cette raison qu'Altered Beast fait partie, en bonne place, de ces jeux inimitables qui composent désormais le retrogaming.
ArcadeCommodore User
[...] the gameplay really doesn't vary greatly, or increase markedly in toughness. Still, a clever game, and well worth a few tens of anybody's money.
ArcadeAll Game Guide
In conclusion, Altered Beast is a fun quarter-muncher that makes up for its simplistic level design with lots of interesting fighting and great visuals. Its replay value isn't too high, but for a while it can be an enjoyable indulgence.
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK)
Backgrounds are grainy and lack colour and detail as they scroll jerkily by, but sprites are neat, even if some are drab and animation merely adequate. Gameplay has pace, helped by energetic music and dynamic samples, but much confusion arises from the player sprites - they are identical to one another.
Un simple travail d'émulation, donc, pour un jeu qui ne méritait finalement pas beaucoup plus. Altered Beast n'est pas Golden Axe ou, dans un autre genre, OutRun. Plus de vingt ans après sa première sortie, on rira aujourd'hui des collisions approximatives, des boss idiots qui se laissent facilement bourriner (le second, en particulier), ou de la synthèse vocale balbutiante. Reste un petit beat them all à valeur avant tout nostalgique se laissant jouer comme on regarde un vieux péplum de série B. 2,39 €, à vous de voir si cela vaut le coup pour un morceau d'Histoire, fût-il minuscule.
Altered Beast is one of the most playable beat ´em ups of the era. Some aspects of the port spoils the experience, and the presentation feels old. If you enjoyed the original you will get many hours of fun out of this one. Newcomers might not enjoy it as much, and it is definitely not for those not up for a real challenge.
So, for nostalgic purposes, feel free to add this one to your phone, but don't expect this game of bizarre Grecian mythology to have aged well.
What Altered Beast lacks in gameplay and depth it has in pure simple fun. The controls are smooth and intuitive and the gameplay style makes it great for short periods of play. Even though I’m not tied to this game by nostalgia like so many other gamers, I can’t help but like it. To put it simply, this game is just fun.
AmigaComputer and Video Games (CVG)
All the features of the arcade game, but the gameplay is slow and the controls are sluggish.
AmigaThe Games Machine (UK)
For fans of the coin-op this is still a good enough conversion to warrant the purchase. Most others will prefer to look elsewhere.
Pese a todo, los usuarios que disfrutaran de la recreativa podrán rejugarla de forma sencilla, y por un precio asequible, 800 puntos Wii. Tanto a este título, como a Ristar, Sonic the Hedgehog, Golden Axe, Bonanza Bros., o Comix Zone, les ha hecho mucho daño la salida de Sega Mega Drive Collection para PlayStation 2 y PlayStation Portable, ciertamente inoportuna en materia de fechas, y especialmente precios, ya que el recopilatorio incluye veintisiete juegos a un precio por unidad muy inferior.
Atari STComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Apart from a drop in sound quality and inferior side-ways scrolling, the ST version is exactly the same as its Amiga counterpart, and the same comments apply.
I can't understand how Activision could have made such a stupid mistake with the Amiga conversion. Unlike the coin-op and the 64 version, the two players are absolutely identical, making two-player games totally confusing! Otherwise, on both machines, the graphics are fine although never really spectacular. The kick and punch gameplay is fun, but except for defeating the large nasties, that's basically all there is to it.
DOSThe DOS Spirit
Men mye er likevel unnskyldt. Dette var trossalt i 1988, og verden hadde ikke sett noe lignende. Og seriøst, å forvandle seg til et beist som banker digital ræv i alle retninger er sjeldent så tilfredsstillende som det her. Hvor mange ganger har du ikke ropt «Hell yeah!», «YESS!», «JADDA!» eller kombo av alle når du endelig fikk den tredje og siste kraftkulen? Spill som får folk til å vræle i glede mot tv-skjermen fortjener vår «Golden DOS Spirit»-utmerkelse. HELL YEAH!
SEGA Master SystemACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
Not very imaginative in gameplay, but notable for its classy graphics. The wolfman, however, adds to the fun considerably, because as well as shooting fireballs he can launch himself across screen and lay waste to all who stand before him.
Altered Beast cumple bien los requisitos gráficos, historia y sonido, también el de dificultad. Es más, con tal de no quedarse corto la aumentaron a niveles sólo aptos para niños asiáticos. No hay continuaciones, ni vidas extras, ni dificultad seleccionable, ni objetos de curación para nuestra escasa barra de salud que se vacía ante al mínimo golpe. Para muchos puede estar bien, puede suponer un reto, pero también supone para algunos una tarea imposible y un agobio que obliga estar más atento de no recibir daño y jugar de forma perfecta que de divertir. Por suerte en el modo de dos jugadores la experiencia resulta más llevadera. Sin embargo hay que recalcar el carácter divertido de la historia: dioses griegos, un protagonista resucitado de la tumba, animales antropomórficos, transformistas, todo es alegría porque aquí están todos locos.
TurboGrafx CDGénération 4
Là, cette version CD ROM est assez étrange. Tout d'abord, on est séduit par la présentation, car le jeu vous propose une introduction à l'histoire d'Altered Beast. Les bruitages sont d'une meilleure qualité, et la musique aussi bien entendu. Mais là où l'on est étonné, et dans le mauvais sens du terme. C'est que la version CD est moins agréable à jouer.
Commodore 64The Games Machine (UK)
Blockiness is largely unavoidable but care and tactful use of colour makes for pleasant, smooth-scrolling backgrounds. The sprites are a different matter. Some creatures are even more disfigured than they're meant to be, badly coloured and their animation - fairly basic in the original - is made simpler and slower. Theme music is okay, but sparse spot effects are noisy. It's often awkward to change between punch and kick moves and there's no continue-play option so all the joystick strain doesn't seem worth it.
AmigaASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Alles in allem braucht niemand wirklich ALTERED BEAST. Eine aufgewärmte Spielidee, die bloß mit originellen Sprites und eventuell nettem Sound versehen wurde, rechtfertigt noch keinen Verkaufspreis, schon gar nicht, wenn man sich vor Augen hält, daß man während des Spieles nur wie ein Blöder herum metzelt. Danke, das habe ich nicht nötig, und dafür sind mir Geld und Zeit zu schade.
SEGA Master SystemComputer and Video Games (CVG)
I love arcade Altered Beast, but found this conversion a great disappointment. The graphics are alright - a bit indistinct at times and the sound is excellent, but the game plays rather slowly and is marred by some annoyingly tight collision detection. There just isn't enough game for your money.
iPhoneIGN Canada
Altered Beast is more of an artifact than a fun video game. When you transform into a dragon or wolf and get to pound screen-sized boss monsters, it’s enjoyable. But you have to push through some really clunky punching as a goofball muscleman to get there.
iPhoneApp Spy
Altered Beast is a classic in many senses, but while it's great to see the game republished it's most certainly not remastered; a great conversion for the Mega Drive back in the day, but a bit sloppy for modern gamers.
SEGA Master SystemAll Game Guide
Altered Beast stands out from other action games on the Master System because of the larger characters and interesting morphing concept. Unfortunately, it doesn't play very well. If you really want a copy of this Arcade hit, the Sega Genesis version is obviously a better choice. Other than the usual graphics and sound improvements, you also get a level with a werebear, plus a two-player option.
TurboGrafx CDThe Games Machine (UK)
Backgrounds are adequate (if somewhat lacking in colour and detail) but sprites are deformed and often strangely coloured. Animation is weak and there's horrible sprite flicker when there's more than a few creatures onscreen. Worst of all is the disk access which interrupts the game for a number of seconds several times during each level. Sound is very weak considering this is CD-ROM - a rather ordinary tune and a few sound effects that are worse than most Engine samples. Average playability ruined by tortuous loading, Engine Altered Beast is a big disappointment. For a real conversion, try it on the Sega Mega Drive.
Die Mega Drive-Fassung hinkt dem Arcade-Vorbild grafisch etwas hinterher, glänzt jedoch mit einer guten Spielbarkeit, die sich vor allem in den flotten Angriffen der Spielfigur äußert. Somit ist es um einiges einfacher zu spielen, wenn auch mangels einer Continue-Funktion nicht ganz leicht zu beenden. Der 2-Player Modus ist hier glücklicherweise vorhanden. Da die grafischen Nachteile die Verbesserung der Handhabung aufheben, ist diese Umsetzung mit dem Original gleichzusetzen.
WiiNintendo Insanity
This is actually a fun system, but of course it's not the most complex thing in the world. With only five stages in the adventure, you'll more than likely complete it between 20 or 30 minutes. You can, however, play with another person, who takes control of a second character who is 'brought back to life'. The catch is, you have to share Spirits Orbs as well as the lives that keep you playing the game. 800 Wii Points ($8.00) may be asking too much for this title, but hey, you'd have it pretty much forever then. Would I recommend downloading this title? Yes, for two reasons. One, if you're a nostalgic classic gamer and loved the Sega Genesis. Two, you want a solid sidescrolling fighter and are collecting the VC titles. The length and blatant simplicity of the game, though, may turn you away. It's ultimately your choice.
AmigaAmiga Joker
Der Sound kommt an keiner Stelle über das Mittelmass hinaus, und auch die Spielbarkeit hat gelitten: Das Game ist zwar jetzt um vieles schneller als auf der Konsole, und es tauchen pro Level auch mehr Gegner auf, aber dank der miserablen Steuerung ist Treffen reine Glückssache. No Sir, für den Amiga gibt es haufenweise bessere Actionspiele – wer dennoch meint, dass er ohne Altered Beast nicht mehr leben kann, sollte ein paar Hunderter drauflegen und das Mega Drive gleich mitkaufen!
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
There's a great deal of blood and flying limbs. Powering up as quickly as possible is the key to winning. A transformation screen shows your character turning into a powerful monster such as a werewolf, dragon, or bear. They didn't have morphing technology in 1988, but it still looks cool. Levels range from a cool graveyard to some boring caverns (yawn). The bosses take forever to beat. The digitized voices sound terribly muffled and the collision detection is questionable at times. Two players can fight simultaneously, but the screen tends to get crowded because the characters are large. One particularly bizarre aspect is the charging pigs, many of which contain power-ups. Okay, they're supposed to be two-headed wolves, but they sure look like pigs to me. I like Altered Beast, but it's hardly a game that will appeal to the masses. Hint: Hold down A when pressing Start to resume play at the last level you were on.
Atari STASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Alles in allem braucht niemand wirklich ALTERED BEAST. Eine aufgewärmte Spielidee, die bloß mit originellen Sprites und eventuell nettem Sound versehen wurde, rechtfertigt noch keinen Verkaufspreis, schon gar nicht, wenn man sich vor Augen hält, daß man während des Spieles nur wie ein Blöder herum metzelt. Danke, das habe ich nicht nötig, und dafür sind mir Geld und Zeit zu schade.
SEGA Master SystemDefunct Games
There was a time when a game like Altered Beast could be loved and admired, but those days went out around the time people stopped using the RF Switch. This is an extremely easy action game with very little depth and no replay value. Too much of it is just the same thing over and over with almost no reward. If you're going to experience Altered Beast make sure and do it on the Genesis, but really, at this point, there's almost no reason to want to play this Sega oldie.
GenesisPower Play
Altered Beast ist ein wildes Gemetzel, ohne viel Sinn und Abwechslung. Ein bißchen Freude kommt auf, wenn man die Mega-Drive-Version zu zweit spielt, Die Steuerung ist hier recht genau, die Grafik hat Automaten-Qualität und der Sound ist gelungen. Aber das stupide Monster-Treten wird furchtbar schnell langweilig.
Xbox 360IGN
Altered Beast is a relic of the arcade heyday that just doesn't hold up today. If you have fond memories of playing it in the arcade or on your SEGA Genesis, leave them in the past. While it was fun to revisit as part of Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, Altered Beast can't stand on its own. The only value here is the easy 200 achievement points.
This is a pure, side-scrolling action game, the likes of which symbolized video arcades for years. Altered Beast distinguished itself with its fairly original premise and its unique art direction--it even had a surprise twist ending. Some of the bosses and animal forms are quite memorable to this day, and the original arcade version featured some excellent music and audio for the time. It's too bad that the speech clips got butchered in translation to the Genesis, and the music suffered in translation as well. But unless you have the arcade version as a frame of reference, you wouldn't know the difference. At any rate, 800 Wii points ($8) seems rather steep for a short, simple action game that came free with the $200 Sega Genesis more than 15 years ago.
TurboGrafx-16ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Doch weitaus schlimmer als das abwechslungsarme Gameplay ist die Programmierung, genauer gesagt bei der PC Engine. Hier flackern die Sprites und alle naselang wird nachgeladen. Der Sound ist zwar technisch bedingt besser, doch beim ST macht das Spiel einen abgerundeteren Eindruck. Grafik und Sound sind nicht umwerfend, aber noch zufriedenstellend. Insgesamt ein Durchschnittsgame, das eigentlich niemand wirklich braucht.
Amstrad CPCAmstrad Action
The Greeks who followed Zeus, thought the crime of hubris - thinking oneself on a par with the gods - was fatal. Activision tried to create an Altered Beast and has spawned a beautiful but unruly monster.
SEGA Master
Die Master System-Umsetzung sieht für die Verhältnisse des 8 Bit-Geräts ordentlich aus, spielt sich aber sehr träge. Der langsame Spielfluss und das viele Geflacker lassen nicht allzu viel Freude aufkommen. Außerdem sind noch einige Beschneidungen festzustellen. So muss man hierbei nicht nur auf den 2-Player Modus verzichten, sondern auch noch auf einen ganzen Level. Darüber hinaus erfolgt die vollständige Verwandlung unseres Protagonisten zur Bestie nicht über drei sondern zwei Power up-Kugeln. Wie dem auch sei, spielen tut sich das Spiel recht gut, wenn man bereit ist, sich auf das langsame Tempo einzulassen. Mit dem einen Gnaden-Continue kann man es problemlos weit schaffen. In der Wertung gibt es trotzdem einen Punkt weniger.
It was great for free, as a packed-in Genesis cartridge back in 1989. It’s not so great, or even good, for 800 Points, as a digitally downloadable Virtual Console title on the Wii today. Altered Beast should only be considered for download by Sega gamers of yesteryear, nostalgic to re-experience this arcade port in all its voice-distorting glory. Other players simply looking for fresh and inventive games from the Genesis back catalog would be better served spending their Wii Points on pretty much any other Sega title on offer. Pack-ins may be making a comeback, but Altered Beast is one old bundled bonus that you wouldn’t have missed much if it had been left out of the box.
Commodore 64ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Alles in allem braucht niemand wirklich ALTERED BEAST. Eine aufgewärmte Spielidee, die bloß mit originellen Sprites und eventuell nettem Sound versehen wurde, rechtfertigt noch keinen Verkaufspreis, schon gar nicht, wenn man sich vor Augen hält, daß man während des Spieles nur wie ein Blöder herum metzelt. Danke, das habe ich nicht nötig, und dafür sind mir Geld und Zeit zu schade.
SEGA Master SystemASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Nun die Schelte: Technisch präsentiert sich ALTERED BEAST als ein Meisterwerk der „Flackerkunst“. Der Held des Ganzen hat die Möglichkeit, seine Gegner zusammenzutreten (Feuerknopf 1), Faustschläge zu verteilen (Feuerknopf 2) oder mittels beider Feuerknöpfe seine Gegner zu überspringen. Da es oft zu einem unüberschaubaren „Handgemenge“ mit zahlreichen Gegnern kommt, stört die Flackerei natürlich ungemein. Das Scrolling ist einerseits unsauber, andererseits seht sehr langsam, was den Effekt mit sich bringt, daß der Spieler vor dem Screen wohl schnell ermüden wird. Gegen die Grafik könnte man prinzipiell nichts einwenden. Einzelne Sprites wurden schön gezeichnet, auch die Kulisse sieht sehr ansprechend aus. Leider jedoch gehen die Einzelheiten mit dem Geflacker total unter, so daß man zwangsläufig nur noch von einer technischen Katastrophe sprechen kann...
GenesisLens of Truth
Originating from the arcades there’s almost no replay value. The game is very short. Not being able to move your character up or down in the field of play makes it easy for enemies to inflict the common cheap hit. Its’ graphics were amazing when released but were quickly put to shame by other games on the system within a year. Its’ sound effects however will always be remembered, as well as the games “transformation screen”. Both had major impacts on the gamers who experienced them.
Xbox 360Retro Gamer
It's certainly fun to a point and the voices remain hilarious to listen to, but there are far better examples of genre on Live Arcade already, so play those instead.
SEGA Master SystemThe Games Machine (UK)
The hero, in all his forms, is very nicely defined and coloured but poor animation spoils the effect. Other sprites are less effective and the mediocre backdrops scroll slowly and jerkily. Plain music fails to generate any tension and the few samples are not that convincing.
40 (UK)
Playing it now inspires the kind of retro horror that we dread, and the amount of fun you can have with it quickly runs dry. One for hardcore retro fetishists only.
iPhoneGamers' Temple, The
The game is a straight, true-to-the original port in that there are only five levels, none of which can't be beat within a few minutes. At the end of each level is a boss monster, none of which is all that exciting or all that challenging. Controls are kept close to the original game's as well, with a virtual d-pad on the lower left portion of the screen and A, B, and C buttons packed into the lower right. Trying to use these on-screen controls does come at the cost of not being able to see a portion of the screen, but the game's challenge level is low enough that it doesn't provide that much of an impediment to gameplay. The game does add an option that will allow you to tilt your iPhone pack and forth to move your character, but the responsiveness of your character to your tilts is so poor that you may as well just stick to the old school way.
WiiThe Virtual Console Archive
Nostalgia is the only reason to bother with Altered Beast nowadays. It is hard to recommend it for 800 points with some many better alternatives currently on the Virtual Console. Newcomers beware. It’s a perfect arcade conversion of a game well past its sell-by date!
Xbox 360PAL Gaming Network (PALGN)
A quick time diversion and better left for those with strong nostalgic memories only.
AmigaAmiga Format
It is a horizontally-scrolling beat-em-up converted from the Sega coin-op with end-of-level guardians and a range of kicks and moves. But that is about it. The graphics are not too hot when they are still, but they are worse when they are moving: blocky and very jerky. The gameplay is basic but it is still very difficult to control your character in the moves needed. Altered Beast is a below-average game that fans of the original will sadly be disappointed with.
WiiNintendo Life
There’s no two ways about it: Altered Beast is a terrible game. Even here, in a perfect conversion of the arcade original, it’s so horrendously stodgy and repetitive that it makes you wonder quite why anyone holds it in the slightest bit of regard.
WiiNintendo Life
Although the gameplay is pretty basic, it's fun while it lasts - which isn't very long, to be perfectly honest. Even a gamer of average skill should be able to complete this in the space of a day or two. The levels, depending on how quickly you morph you character, aren’t really all that long and there are only five levels total. Once you play through it, there really isn’t much more incentive to go back and play it again.
Xbox (UK)
The graphics are horrible, and made even worse by that hellish "smoothing" filter. Your powered-up hero has a bulky weightlifter's body with a tiny comedy head on top, while enemy designs are lumpy and ugly. It's possibly worth sticking around for the pink unicorn men though. Apart from that marvellous bright spot, Altered Beast is a grim throwback that looks even worse when played alongside its current company.
SEGA Master SystemHonestGamers
Finally, the worst shortcoming of all is the lack of damage control. If you get hit once from an enemy on the left, pray to your god of choice (Zeus?) that there isn’t an enemy on the right or you’ll be juggled to death. Unfortunately, Altered Beast is another game that severely limits the time that you should be invincible after taking damage. So, back and forth you’ll be bounced, the familiar scene made almost comical by the slowness of it all, with the equally sluggish and repetitive music playing as a requiem in the background. The tunes seem to pity their own existence, their own participation in this ramshackle product. Don’t you participate too; this is horrible stuff.
Altered Beast est une parodie de jeu, sans grand intérêt avec un thème toutefois intéressant mais les défauts gâchent tout le plaisir. Même les acharnés seront gonflés par sa lenteur et ses combats approximatifs. Ça a beau être le premier jeu de la Megadrive, il l'a bien cherché, sa note!
20 (UK)
Dear Santa, for Christmas I would like you to make Altered Beast go away forever. Thanks. Sluggish, simplistic and with all the pacing of a snail race, Altered Beast is the arcade "classic" that simply refuses to lay down and die like a good dinosaur. It's recent appearance on Xbox Live Arcade was a fairly grim effort, but at least that had online leaderboards, Achievements, rejigged graphics (ugly as they are) and a price-tag around half the cost of this lazy, greedy shovel job.
AmigaPower Play
Katastrophaler hätte die Umsetzung des Spiels auf den Amiga kaum ausfallen können. Man glaubt die ersten Gehversuche eines Programmierers vor sich zu haben. Sprites ruckeln und zuckeln, die Hintergrundgrafik scrollt im Walzerschritt und die Steuerung ist ungenau.
Commodore 64Power Play
Die C64-Umsetzung von “Altered Beast“ ist genauso mies wie die Amiga-Fassung und nicht mal die Diskette wert, auf der es gespeichert ist.
SEGA Master SystemPower Play
Bei der Master System-Version wurde dann alles das verbockt, was die Mega-Drive-Version spielenswert macht. Schlechte Grafik, flackernde Sprites, ungenaue Steuerung, teilweise nicht spielbare Spielsituationen und obendrein noch ein mieser Sound reizen nur noch zum Ausschalten.
SEGA Master SystemGame Freaks 365
In conclusion there is really only one thing to say. Don't play this game. If you really want to play Altered Beast you have two options that are much better. One, should you get lucky, pop in a quarter or few and play the original if you see it around. Two, buy it for the Genesis/Mega Drive for a couple of dollars. That version is much closer and by far much better. The fact that Sega decided to release the same game at the same time for both systems is totally ridiculous. They had a converter to play SMS games on the 16-bit unit and a better version of this title for it. I have no clue how many sorry children had this forced upon them by parents who refused to upgrade, but hopefully the numbers were small. Based on the current rate of depression and anxiety in this country, it's still up for debate.