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Amiga version

Title Screen
Title screen
"Raise from your grave and rescue my daughter"
First boss after first transformation
Fighting first boss
Second stage
Fighting second boss

Amstrad CPC version

You have been chosen to rescue the king's daughter
Stage 1
You have killed a zombie
Destroy this creature to obtain a power-up
"Get away from me, mortal."
Turned into a werewolf
Throwing a fireball at your enemies
First boss
Your master takes all your power-ups
Stage 2
A dragon emerges from the water
Turned into a dragon
Second Boss

Arcade version

Title screen (English, "Altered Beast")
Title screen (Japanese, 獣王記, romaji: Jûôki)
Intro #1
Intro #2
Intro #3
Stage 1: The Acropolis. Rise from your grave!
Stage 1 boss: Aggar
Cutscene after stage 1
Stage 2: The Underworld
Stage 2 boss: Octeyes
Cutscene after stage 2
Stage 3: Cavern of Souls
Stage 3 boss: Moldy Snail
Cutscene after stage 3
Stage 4: Neff's Palace
Stage 4 boss: Crocodile Worm
Cutscene after stage 4
Stage 5: City of Dis
Stage 5 boss: Neff
After defeating stage 5's boss
Cutscene after stage 5
Title Screen.
You are commanded.
Beat up the baddies.
Your appearance is changing.
Unleash the beast.
You now have fire-balls.
End of level boss.

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Title screen
You are given your mission
Gravestones is blocking your way
A monster is attacking
You have been transformed into a beast
Beast attack!
The boss of level one
The boss has transformed himself to something you can defeat
Level one complete
In game loading screen
Level two
Game over

Commodore 64 version

White dogs contain power ups
Headless zombies
You can jump up on the walls
You turn into a werewolf
With special abilities
The first boss

DOS version

Introduction - The Oracle Eyes
New Game - Destroy All Enemies
Enemies in The Air
Your Mutation - Human
Your Mutation - Wolf
Now You Are a Wolf
The Boss Kill You
A Funny Bag Enemy
You Will Die
New Game (CGA graphics)
New Game (EGA graphics)

Genesis version

Title screen (US version)
Title screen (Japanese version)
Come and get me, you... you... pig!
Do you like me this way, honey?
... apparently not
Boss battle
A small cut scene between levels
Swamp level
Look at me, what a bulk
I'm a dragon now!
Fighting a multi-eyed boss

MSX version

Loading screen
Intro screen 1
Intro screen 2
The characters
Title screen
Your mission
Destroy this creature to obtain a power-up
Kill the zombies
The zombie is gonna jump

NES version

Title screen
Stage 1
Stage 1 Boss
Stage 2

SEGA Master System version

Title Screen
The Beginning
Kick - normal form
Jump - Powered up form
Something strange happens when I get mad
Beast walking
Beast Attack
Winged demons
Flying lizards

TurboGrafx-16 version

Game start
Why does his head explode when I kick his leg?
A two-headed wolf attacks
Trying to kick a flying enemy
The magician appears

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
The titular beast. Look nice in the frame
The hero is dropped down
My Mommy always told me: "Never, ever kneel in front of headless undead people. It offends them"
I'm bigger! I'm bigger! Come, beasties, give me more of your power!
Hey, kindly take that there electricity outta my face!..
Transformation screen
I am a beast now! Fear my wrath!!..

Windows version

Title screen
Rise from your grave!
Kick the beast.
Kicking a demon.
Main villain
First boss
Giant worm
Now, I'm a dragon.
Low flight
Plant boss
Eye attack
Ant man
Living rock
Bear attacks
Purple demon
Tiger form
Crocodile boss
Hot fire

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen
Title Screen
This cool animation happens if you don't press anything for a while
Options Screen
Rise from your grave
The lightning from above resurrects you from your eternal slumber
These zombies come to bits easy
These blue zombies are quite tough
Your not powerful enough to face this boss
Time your kick carefully when attacking the white beast
When you kill a white beast you get a power up
After collecting 3 power ups you turn into the werewolf
The first boss throws clones of his head at you which need to be avoided
After defeating the boss he steals your power ups off you reducing you back to your weaker human form
Weird blob type creatures live in the swamp
The blobs can jump on your head and need to be shaken off with left and right
Snakes appear and fly vertically up or down the screen
On the second level you turn into a dragon after collecting 3 power ups
One of the dragons powers is an electrical shield
The second boss is giving you the eye
The weird ant creatures live in the cave
You cant get on these creatures like you could in Golden Axe
Facing the 3rd boss in human form is suicide

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