Altered Destiny Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Disk-swap message
Copy protection
Title screen
Intro - Barret talking with his girlfriend
Intro - Meeting Conan at the TV repair shop
Intro - TV repair shop
Intro - At Barret's apartment
Intro - Barret putting his pajamas
Intro - Sitting down to watch TV
Intro - Barret sucked by his TV
Intro - JonQuah
Game start
Two structures
Help screen
System menu
An alien blacksmith
Death screen
Land's end
Tentro's shop
Golden tube
Bowl of popcorn
Floating village
Runes Island
Divination area

DOS version

Title Screen
Sucked into an alternate dimension!
The color factory
Ask Tentro a question
Get Tentro's reply
The floating village
Runes island
Ask the sage a question
Title Screen (EGA)
At office (EGA)
Wrapped (EGA)
Begin quest (EGA)
Title Screen (CGA)
At office (CGA)
At repair shop (EGA)
At repair shop (CGA)
Wrapped (CGA)
Quest begin (CGA)