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Alternate Reality: The City

Alternate Reality: The City Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro - A peaceful town...
...is invaded by a flying saucer!
Title screen
The title tune has sing-along lyrics.
Character statistics generator
Game start
Weapon and armor shop - they have their music complete with sing-along lyrics too.
Nighttime raining
Outside the palace gates
At the palace gates, being attacked by a ghoul.
Encountering a gremlin
Being accosted by a skeleton
Surprised by an arch-mage
Attacking a giant rat
The tavern also has a sing-along melody.
Checking at the Inn
Ghosts. I don't think you can kill one. Maybe you can exorcise them?
Imp attacking
Assaulting a novice
A fighter charging

Alternate Reality: The City Screenshots

Atari 8-bit version

A Normal day in the city, or is it?
Alien ship arrives and begins abducting people with a beam of light
Ship turns before entering hyperspace
Determining your ability scores
Outside in the city
One of the city's shoppes

Alternate Reality: The City Screenshots

Atari ST version

From the intro
Character generation
The starting point
The best bargain store
The tavern is closed
Game over

Alternate Reality: The City Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title and credits
Exploring the city
Encountering a merchant
In a shop
Fighting against a poor beggar
It's raining
Encountering a skeleton
An inn
Determining your character's stats before entering the city

Alternate Reality: The City Screenshots

DOS version

From the intro - the Aliens appear over your city [EGA]
Deciding your abilities [EGA]
Visiting the Smithy [EGA]
Out on the streets [EGA]
Encountering a city guard

Alternate Reality: The City Screenshots

Macintosh version

Intro - ship arriving
Character generator screen
Exploring the City Square
Encountered an Acolyte
In a tavern
Weather has changed, and I'm on my way to a smithy
This weapon is a little over my budget
"Fine Pink Cotton Socks" - that's something I can afford.
Encountered a Fighter