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Your task in this isometrically viewed game is to clear the city of Amaurote of the many bugs and insects which have invaded it. You are supplied with an Arachnus 4 ship and 5 million units of cash.

There are 3 different types of ants - drones, queens and scouts, each representing their real function in the natural world, so queen bees are the most lethal opponents as they generate new ants. Money must be spend on buying improved weaponry (including that needed to destroy the Queen Bees) and repairing the ship throughout the 2500 screens Amaurote is depicted in. As your main weapons are bombs, you need to consider their bounce and distance before firing, to avoid being caught up in stray explosions yourself.


Amaurote Commodore 64 An insect that you need to wipe out
Amaurote ZX Spectrum Main screen
Amaurote Commodore 64 On Quirinal
Amaurote ZX Spectrum Title screen

Alternate Titles

  • "Amaruote" -- Misspelled MSX tape title

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The Press Says

Computer and Video Games (CVG) ZX Spectrum May, 1987 7 out of 10 70
Computer and Video Games (CVG) Commodore 64 May, 1987 7 out of 10 70
Happy Computer Amstrad CPC 1986 58 out of 100 58


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Version differences

Two versions were released for the Spectrum, the basic 48K version and a 128K version with enhanced sound and extra animated cutscenes, something rarely seen on the Spectrum. However, although the 128K version was reviewed first by most magazines, the 48K version was released first, forcing Mastertronic to offer a free exchange of the 48K version to owners of 128K machines. When the +2A and +3 models were released a year later, the 48K version worked on them but the 128K version did not, although an unofficial patch is available online.
Contributed to by Kabushi (121978), Martin Smith (63162) and Игги Друге (43542)