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An innovative game which is overall not very good. DOS Tomer Gabel (4642)

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Commodore 64The Games Machine (UK) (Apr, 1990)
Thankfully, an improvement over the Amiga version. Backgrounds are shaded nicely and though sprite definition and animation is simple, they react and move quickly. Sound effects are few but suitably over-the-top and there's a great Game Over tune. With reasonable playability and the exclusive comic, it's a must for Marvel fans.
AmigaThe Games Machine (UK) (Apr, 1990)
As most Marvel comics put the emphasis on fight sequences, a beat-'em-up section was the obvious choice for the main section. But, bar the occasional ill-formed dodge interlude, it's the only section. This wouldn't be a problem but it's dull and slow violence end though graphics change, gameplay doesn't. A Marvel comic is included and is unavailable elsewhere but, unless you live, breathe and eat Marvel, isn't enough to make this value for money.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Jan, 1990)
Nein, ich verstehe es einfach nicht: Daß Comic-Umsetzungen auch ganz anders sein können, hat doch „Ocean“ mit den beiden Batman-Games deutlich bewiesen. Bei „Empire“ scheint aber das Geld nur für die Rechte am Namen gereicht zu haben - Dr. Doom's Revenge kann man getrost vergessen!
Atari STST Format (Mar, 1990)
Another frustrating aspect is the loading times. The initial loading wait is long enough, but this is followed by a coffee break "time out" between every scene. Apparently the 8-bit versions are supposed to be playable - so it you really insist on buying Doom, you'd better start dusting down your old micro.
AmigaPower Play (Mar, 1990)
Ganz nette Grafik und die Comic-Atmosphäre täuschen nicht über eine langweilige und wegen der miesen Steuerung kaum spielbare Prügelei hinweg. Für diesen Krampf dann noch runde 90 Mark zu verlangen, ist ganz schön dreist.
Dr. Doom's Revenge moves one step forward, two steps back for comic-based action games. Most fans would like a little more mystery and a little more ability to affect the plot. Comic fans are thinking people. Stan Lee has consistently bragged that Marvel Comics were the first comics to use college-level vocabulary. Computer game producers will soon recognize that garners want a little more than just action.