The Amazon Trail Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Intro - Sweet dreams.
Intro - The jaguar of the Inca King.
Main menu.
Name selection.
Starting city, Belém.
Supplies for the quest.
Amazon guidebook.
José the cattle rancher.
Starting the quest.
Rowing into the Blue Mist.
Xingu river village.

Macintosh version

Introduction 1
Introduction 2

Windows 3.x version

Amazon Trail Menu, Hall of Shields = High score table
You are in a dream
The Incan King tells you his people are sick and in hiding. Through your dream you shall go back in time and bring them a cure to what ails them
Ah your papers are in order!
In a Village
A entry in the glossary of terms
Your Guide
Your Supplies
You are here!
Talking with the natives
On the Amazon!
A little Fishing
Ah yes I'm great at fishing ~_~
In the Jungle
Photographing the Fauna
We've hit a log and capsized!
What is she smiling about ~_~