Ambermoon Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Title screen
Grandfather's House... the place where the quest starts.
Scene from the intro
Taking a walk around town at night
Meeting an old man in an inn. This also shows how the icon panel looks like in Action mode.
Main menu
Even in towns, you're not necessarily safe.
Leaving the town of Spannenberg behind for the world out there...
... and running into major trouble on the way.
Dialogues with plot-related characters are displayed in such separate screens
Exquisite decor in a powerful man's mansion in one of the cities
Town maps are very helpful. Teleporters shorter travel time
Attacked by evil mages in a mysterious building
Typical 3D dungeon exploration. Details here and there - spiders, buckets, and other stuff
Camp screen. Learn spells and rest here
Inventory screen. Descriptions are provided
Character sheet screen
I discovered a secret room! My, my, I wonder what's in that chest?..
Town exploration during the day
Interacting with chests leads to such interface
Desert area. Discovered a house
It's easy to lose your way in a forest. Note the limited view during darkness. You can light a lantern to expand it a bit, though
We gotta train and learn new spells!
Re-arranging your party for battle formation
Spell list
The pillars of Burnsville, one of the game's big cities
Later in the game you'll be able to summon a giant eagle and fly over mountains!
Typical cave-style dungeon, one of the several similar-looking ones. An enemy is ahead
Fighting an orc. Targeying an area with an offensive spell
Palace dungeon with some details
A fearsome guardian encountered more than halfway through the game - a formidable opponent
Hmm, who left his boat here?..
Peaceful-looking town of Newlake
Newlake library is a 3D location!
Nice, a lake inside a room!..
One of the several towers in the game
The ruins of Gemstone - once a proud city, now just a collection of stones and bones...
Uh-oh... that's a lot of reptiles. Prepare to battle!..