Amberstar Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Introduction picture
Some credits...
This is where you begin.
... and this is your inventory.

Atari ST version

Character generation
Loading screen
Title screen
The intro
Starting location
Moving around in the city
A locked door
In the temple
A inhabitant of the city
In the tavern

DOS version

Title Sequence
The game begins with this background information
At your parent's graves
Inventory Menu
The Tomb of Sir Marillion
Silk and me bought a horse! Wee!.. Outside of Twinlake, where the real action begins!
The city of Twinlake, during the day
Status screen
A very handy automap is available in the towns!
Raft merchant
Camp screen
A skirmish against some orcs in a forest
Game Over screen
Desert area
Swamp area. One guy is poisoned, another is dead...
Merchant interface
Peaceful town of Gemstone
A conversation with a "non-important NPC" at night. It works like in Japanese RPGs: no dialogue choices
On the other hand, "important" NPCs can be asked about a wide variety of topics. You can type in whatever you want, too
A spacious inn and tavern in the town of Crystal
A tough battle against two groups of monsters on a field
Party formation
Raft allows you to float in shallow waters
A traditional battle against a bridge-guarding troll. Note my larger party with a wizard
Battle spoils. Yeah, I've got lots of stuff, but at what cost?..
Tough battle against skeletons in a mysterious haunted house
Village of Elves. Nice statues!
Twinlake sewer dungeon
Fighting sewer rats - classic stuff!