American 3D Pool Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

The table
Main menu
Starting a game of pool
Placing the white ball
All balls still on the table

ZX Spectrum version

The game title screen
The game's menu screen. Text scrolls below the table giving credits, etc and inviting the player to select a controller (Sinclair is default). After a while the game gives a short demonstration
The demonstration has been interrupted, which is why the balls are out of position, to redefine the action keys. The game does not echo back the chosen keys
This is the game selection menu
A single player pool game. The first action is to position the cue ball
Then the direction of the shot is established by moving the black cros-hairs
The power of the shot is set by holding down the fire key. Spin is an available option that I have not managed to master
When the FIRE key is released the cue ball whizzes off and the view-point changes
When all balls come to rest the view-point changes in readiness for the next shot
Game rules are enforced. here a foul shot has been made. The next shot must be taken from baulk
A Pool match in Player vs Computer mode - setting the number of frames per match
A pool tournament with only one human player. The start of a Billiards tournament would look just the same
The start of a billiards match. First the cue ball is positioned ...
... then the direction of the shot is decided ...
... and finally the power of the shot is set.
A billiards match against the computer. This screen is used to decide how many points will win a match
This is the screen that's displayed when the trick shot option is selected from the game menu. It shows preset shot number one. The player can move to the next shot or create their own
Playing trick shot one. Game play is the same as in the simulation except that the cue ball is already positioned. The objective is to pot both blue and red
The trick shot did not quite come off. After seeing the balls come to rest the game resets the shot for a another attempt