Advertising Blurbs

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    Whether you're an expert seeking head-to-head racng or a beginner looking for a relaxed weekend sailing class, it's all here an the Royal Mindscape Yacht Club (RMYC). Race a variety of challenging courses, competing to beat either establihsed records or other sailors. Or learn the basics of sailing at your own pace - without ever getting your feet wet. Then, when you think you're good enough, take the American challenge: try to beat the Aussies in the Cup Race.

  • accurate sailing simulation
  • cassette with a special sailing tutorial to get you going quickly
  • the soon-to-be-smash hit sailing song, Win Back the Cup
  • challenging race courses
  • one- or two-player race options
  • built-in communications option for races against long-distance opponents

    Contributed by Tony Van (2855) on May 23, 2000.