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WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Mar, 2004)
I might be predisposed, but I know a good thing when I see it. Everything in 2.0 makes America’s Army more intense, more gripping, and more deserving of its status as the top tactical sim.
WindowsGameSpy (Apr 11, 2004)
To play America's Army is like slipping into a fascinating experiment. As players come and go, you're witness to riveting displays of heroism and cowardice, brilliant tactical bluffs, and awesomely awful blunders. Remember back in the mid-nineties when the Army was goofing around with the DOOM engine for tactical combat simulation? As they say, you've come a long way, kid. Here's an exciting and cutting-edge multiplayer game for the thinking crowd, and all it costs, bizarrely enough, is the time it takes to play it.
WindowsBoomtown (Nov 26, 2003)
America’s Army has become one of the most successful games to date, largely because of its different style of play and the fact that it’s free. What makes it so interactive is the way the whole thing is set up - turning what would normally be seen as just another FPS into more of an online simulation of the real thing.
WindowsSoftonic (Feb 23, 2007)
America's Army is one of the five most popular PC action games played online. It provides players with the most authentic military experience available, from exploring the development of Soldiers in individual and collective training to their deployment in simulated missions in the War on Terror.
WindowsGameZone (Dec 11, 2003)
Ah, the freebie, nothing is sweeter then something for free. If it stinks, well who cares, you didn't pay anything for it. And if it's good, then all the better for you for getting something for FREE.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Aug 03, 2004)
Normally, when an online only multiplayer game has lots of server troubles, there’s bound to be a lot of backlash. However, America’s Army has a lot of potential going for it, and as far as free games go, it can’t be beat. The gameplay is incredibly addicting, and the simple fact that I find people coming back again and again even when they lose their profile data shows the strength that this game is riding on. Some people cry out and call it simply another military recruiting device; I say it's an excellent multiplayer FPS that has the potential for some the deepest player tactics out there today.
WindowsGameDaily (Dec 08, 2006)
It's ironic that the United States Army motto is "An Army of One" when they continue to churn out add-ons and patches for their wildly successful (and still free) videogame, America's Army in order to create a recruiting pool of millions. That aside, AA is unquestionably a bonafide hit, with support that is rarely seen even in the private videogame sector. After the addition of Special Forces late last year comes this week's Downrange. Downrange adds a plethora of new bells and whistles that make the whole game look and play better. Too bad they didn't do anything to make the game easier to get into, because if this is any indication of how our US Army runs in real life... "Houston, we have a problem."
70 (Jan 03, 2007)
L'armée américaine soigne son image avec ce FPS en réseau gratuit. l'objectif est peut-être de recruter de futurs GI's, mais on peut aussi y jouer sans arrière pensée. Enfin, c'est à espérer...