Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy Screenshots

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Windows version

Title screen
A strange postman heralds the beginning of the adventure.
Movie - the ship sets in the sunset
The standard "icons in slots" adventure game inventory.
Journals are lavishly illustrated by the famous French comic book artist Benoit Sokal.
Why do adventure games always need a lighthouse? Mr. Valembois lives here.
Many open areas allow the player to move the view-point, detailing a panoramic view of the area.
One of the many letters and other forms of text that tell the story of AmerZone.
Alexandre Valembois is no longer a young man and can not voyage on ambitious expeditions.
This bug could be a clue... or just a dead insect.
A truly ancient computer system. Password-protected too.
What purpose does this strange and dark corridor hold?
This television works... sort-of and displays video of the President Alverez.