Alien Breed: Tower Assault Screenshots (Amiga CD32)

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Amiga CD32 version

The CD32 version of Tower Assault also includes Alien Breed II, which was not released stand-alone for the console.
A shot from the very long intro.
Main menu.
Briefing for level 1.
Start of the first level.
A message left behind.
I need to get in there somehow!
I found a overview map.
Don't look down now!
Destroying a couple of generators.
Finally inside one of the buildings.
Damn, I didn't survive for long.
Game over statistics.
Alien Breed II: Title screen.
Alien Breed II: High score.
Alien Breed II: Loading level 1.
Alien Breed II: Briefing for level 1.
Alien Breed II: This game is tough!