Fury of the Furries Screenshots (Amiga CD32)

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Amiga CD32 version

Title screen
Furries sent their best agents to rescue their king.
Unfortunately the rescue team crashed far away from their destination.
All of them could not continue the mission so they joined powers...
... and sent only one of them that could fight as four.
The rescue is on its way.
Level 1 (Desert)
In the stages of the first level you learn how to handle all four transformations of your hero.
Level 2 (Lagoon)
The second level is mostly in water so the blue creatures will be in constant use.
However others will also come in handy.
Level 3 (Forest)
In the forest the green one will be in his habitat.
Level 4 (Pyramid)
A game without a pyramid or egyptian times level is very difficult to find. Fury of the Furries is no exception.
Level 5 (Mountains)
Mountains are full of snow, ice, yetis and mammoths... Piece of cake...
Level 6 (Factory)
Our hero reaches some factory where he has to struggle with security guards, falling packages, troleys and stuff...
Level 7 (Village)
Village is a mix of the victorian times with fairy tales.
Level 8 (Castle)
We are getting closer to the main antagonists.
He sent his best minions to deal with you.
Level 9 (Factory)
The last level of the game. Very difficult or very easy. Everything depends what route you will choose.