Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb Credits


Amiga CD‑ROM VersionReaLogic
Amiga version programmed bySven Tegethoff, Thomas Lewandowski
Amiga version project leaderBodo Thevissen
DirectorDavid Joiner
Assistant DirectorAllison Hershey
ProducerWalter Hochbrueckner
Executive ProducerRobert McNally
2nd Executive ProducerJon Van Caneghem
Production ManagementMark Caldwell, Scott McDaniel
ScreenplayRobert Leh
Original ConceptRobert McNally, David Joiner, Joe Pearce
Additional Story MaterialLen Wein, Bill Rotsler, Katherine Lawrence
Game DesignDavid Joiner, Robert McNally, Carolly Hauksdottir
World DesignDavid Joiner, Robert McNally, Carolly Hauksdottir
MusicMatt Nathan, Sven Tegethoff
SoundMatt Nathan
Music DriverAIL by Miles Design
CD‑ROM Voice ProductionSimon Prescott
AnimatorsGlenn Price, April Lee, Lisa Iennaco, Brian Dowrick, Reed Waller
Background ArtEdward Lacabanne, David Joiner, Allison Hershey
ChoreographyRobert Wiggins
ProgrammingDavid Joiner, Walter Hochbrueckner
Additional ProgrammingJoe Burks, John Bolton
Additional UtilitiesMark Iennaco, Joe Pearce, John Clark, Mark Caldwell
SAGA Scripting LanguageDavid Joiner
Character Design ArtistsApril Lee, Edward Lacabanne, David Joiner, Eric Blumrich, Monika Livingston, Heidi Guedel, Lisa Iennaco, Ed Kline
Playtest ManagerMario Escamilla
TestersSteve McNally, Jean-Marc Zuczek, David Vela, Peter Ryu, Hollis Hill, Jeff Narvid
Reality CheckCarolly Hauksdottir, Mark Iennaco, Lisa Iennaco
Cover ArtAlicia Austin
Manual LayoutRichard Espy
Manual ArtApril Lee
Package DesignAbsolute Productions
Special Thanks toTerrie Smith, Curtis Norris, Michael Breault, Jack Cavenaugh

Credits German Version

German VersionSoftgold Computerspiele GmbH
Project LeadJörg Gräfingholt
Quality AssuranceChristian Schneider
Manual TranslationJörg Gräfingholt
LectoringAnnette Khartabil, Antje Sprekeler
CoordinationKristin Dodt
Art DirectorOliver Dannat
ProductionJörgen Schlegel
Sentence/Pre‑PressMatthes Berghaus, Andreas Otte, Heiko Höpfner
PrintLippert Druck & Verlag

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