Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb Screenshots (Amiga CD32)

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Amiga CD32 version

Cave paintings illustrate the story.
Title screen.
We're zooming in on the location...
... for the first scene.
A couple of stupid elks are crashing the party.
Outside the tent.
Asking a fortune teller for help.
Should I sell me precious prize?
Overview map.
In front of the gates.
Exploring the temple area.
This is where the storm orb was kept.
She doesn't want us to examine the place.
The boar king's castle.
Maybe I can get past these guards somehow?
Walking through the castle's dungeon.
Do I really have to get in there to talk to him?
This is where the elks live.
An audience with the elk king.
The CD32 version supports saving the game to NVRAM.