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Back of Box - DOS (Germany):

    Fliegen Sie eine der genauesten Flugsimulationen, die je programmiert wurde. Fliege via Modem mit oder gegen Ihrer Mitspieler. Von den Doppeldeckern des WW1 bis hin zu den Jets des Korea-Krieges, erfahren Sie was es wirklich heisst zu fliegen. Air Warrior Flugsimulation simuliert die Welt der richtigen Asse.

    Air Warrior Handbuch
    Terminal/Trainings Software
    Grafik und Sound Daten Disketten
    Landkarte von Europa
    Spitfire Poster

    WAS DIE PRESSE SAGT “...bester Flugsimulator“ Amiga Format
    “aufregend. . . das grösste Erlebnis in der Geschichte der Flugsimulatoren“ PC Format
    “Einzigartig. . . verblüffend . . . riesig“ NCE
    “Die Spieldynamik ist unmöglich auf eine konventionelle Computer Simulation umzusetzen“ Omni
    “Ein unglaublich realistischer Flugsimulator“ What PC

    Nachgebildete Fahr/Flugzeuge
    P51D Mustang, A6M5a Zero-sen, Spitfire Mk 1X, Bf1O9G-6, Focke Wulf 109A-P38-J Lighting, F4U-ID Corsair, Yak 9D, Ki84 la Hayate, B-17G Flying Fortress, B-25J Mitchell, A-26B Invader, Mosquito Mk XVII, Ju 88 A-4, C-47 Skytrain, Me262A-1a Sturmvogel, F-86F Sabre, MIG 15, Fokker Dr. 1- Dreidecker,. Sopwith Camel, Spad S,XIII, Forker Dr. VIII, Bristor F.2B Brisfit, Jeep, T-34 Panzer, Flakpanzer IV “Feuerball“, Lastwagen.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (192726) on Nov 06, 2010.

Back of Box - DOS (United States):

    Re-Write History.

    Enter a time when pilots really flew planes. . . airspeed was manageable, controls were simple, nothing was computerized. Dogfight success was determined by toughness and talent, not technology.
    Air Warrior lets you experience the thrill of air combat in 11 of the most feared warplanes of the WWII and Korean eras. This is the training school for on-line air combat duty against GEnie Air Warrior veterans. The theatre of operations could have over 50 planes airborne at any time; not a welcome mat for a novice pilot.
    Air Warrior is the first and only Super VGA (640 x 480 x 256 color) flight sim. Take the skies in 3 modes: Beginnez Intermediate or Expert. Film your toughest missions and re-fly them differently to sharpen flight skills. Test yourself against a buddy in modem-to- modem airspace. But, log as many practice hours as you can; it’s a wild blue yonder on-line.

    World War II
    The nation was committed to the war effort. U.S. factories worked relentlessly from ‘40 to ‘45 to turn out more than 250,000 planes for battles in the Pacific and Europe. Many were outdated when the war began, but held their own against superior craft until faster more maneuverable planes arrived. Training consisted of little more than a manual, mission papers and a parachute. We were not ready for war.

    The Korean War lasted from June, 1950 to July, 1953. This international military action involved the U.N., the U.S., and 19 other nations bottling over Communism. Air power played a key role in the war; the very first jet-to-jet encounter occurred November 9,1950 when an American F40 destroyed a Communist jet fighter. MiG Alley alone resulted in the downing of an estimated 800 MiG fighters and some 58 F-86 Sabre jets. Air warfare had been completely redefined.


    Bogey #2, 11:00!! Chase him, but save enough fuel to escape from behind enemy lines.

    Unleash a burst to drop a stubborn Bf-109 into the English Channel.

    Bring up the radar screen to ID the position of friend, foe, and landing fields, in a 900 sq. mile air theatre.

    Don’t let him back on top; it’s a veteran move. Sight and squeeze to beep a Zero from zeroing in on you.

    Spitfire MK IX
    Perhaps the best all-around fighter in the war. An innovative design, but narrow-track landing gear caused accidents on rough airfields. Very maneuverable but short range and restrictive payloads.
    MAX. SPEED: 406 mph @ 20,000 feet
    RANGE: 980 miles w/drop tank

    A6M5a Zero
    Japan's surprisingly dominant fighter through 1942; able to outmaneuver and outdistance Allies. The Zero's light construction and battle vulnerability led to its downfall.
    MAX. SPEED: 332 mph @ 14,930 feet
    RANGE: 1,930 miles

    A-26 Invader
    The war's finest twin-engine medium bomber. Excellent as a fighter and a bomber. Spanned WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.
    MAX. SPEED: 345 mph @ 5,000 feet
    RANGE: 1,400 miles

    P-51D Mustang
    The most versatile fighter of WWII; combined speed, range, maneuverability and weaponry. Best known as high-altitude bomber escort; designed, built & flown in just 117 days.
    MAX. SPEED: 437 mph @ 25,000 feet
    RANGE: 2,300 miles

    First effective Soviet fighter, surprising early U.N. Aircraft with speed and maneuverability. Though smaller and lighter than the F-86, the MiG-15 was tough to handle at high speeds and carried very limited ammunition.
    MAX. SPEED: 628 mph @ Sea Level
    RANGE: 628 miles w/drop tank

    P-38J Lightning
    Unusual, twin-boomed “Fork-tailed Devi” became the most devastated Allied fighter in the Pacific. Durable, easy-to-fly, an excellent fighter bomber.
    MAX. SPEED: 414 mph @ 25,000 feet
    RANGE: 2,450 miles

    Facke-Wulf 190
    A bomber interceptor, developed to defeat the Spitfire. Known as the “Backbone of the Luftwaffe” and the finest propeller craft produced by Germany in WW II.
    MAX. SPEED: 409 mph @ 20,000 feet
    RANGE: 529 miles

    Nakajima Ki-84
    Improved upon the Zero with good firepower, improved armor, and fuel tank protection. Problems attaining altitude to intercept B-29's. Entered into service 8/44.
    MAX. SPEED: 424 mph @ 20,000 feet
    RANGE: 1,347 miles

    F-86F Sabre
    One of the finest dogfighting aircraft at all-times. Dominated the MiG-15 over Korea, using swept-wing and tail design.
    MAX. SPEED: 678 mph @ Sea Level
    RANGE: 765 miles w/drop tank

    Germany's primary fighter, 35,000 produced. Best fighter plane in the world for 5 years, had too much power in a small frame and seen as tricky to fly.
    MAX. SPEED: 387 mph @ 22,970 feet
    RANGE: 615 miles

    F4U-1 Corsair
    The “Bent-Winged Bird”, a powerful yet difficult craft used mainly by the Marines. Boasted an 11:1 kill ratio vs. Japanese Zeros.
    MAX. SPEED: 424 mph @ 24,000 feet
    RANGE: 1,125 miles

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (192726) on Nov 06, 2010.