Bob's Bad Day Credits (Amiga)

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Bob's Bad Day Credits


DirectorJon Court
Set DesignMike Clayton
Costume DesignMike Clayton
Original SoundtrackJames Teather
ProducerNick Court
Executive ProducerSteven Riding

This product was created by

ProgrammingJon Court
GraphicsMike Clayton
MusicJames Teather
Additional GFXRoy Stewart
Mastering and Testing byMark O'Connor, Peter Hargrove, Paul Jones, Roy Stewart, Nick Court
With support fromJames Court, Emma Court, Danny Court, Graham Alcock, Gary Pomfret, Kirsty Thompson, Samantha Hargrove, Kelly Hargrove, Francis Lillie, Paul Jones, Lee O'Conner, Carl Armstrong, Hanah Connolly, Paul Carpenter, and various other people I have never heard of
Psygnosis ManagementSteven Riding
The Dome ManagementNick Court

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