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THIS IS A POLISH GAME! Othello Picklehammer (12) unrated

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Top Secret (Sep, 1995)
Najważniejsze jednak jest to, co się dzieje na ekranie. A dzieje się, jak zwykle, dużo. Grafika jest szczegółowa i soczysta - poza zwykłymi napisami, plakietkami na ścianach w rodzaju "No smoking" zwróciłem uwagę na wyśmienite detale, takie jak chyboczą-ce się łańcuchy, haki zwisające z sufitu, zwłoki przybite do ścian, lampy itp. Niesamowite wrażenie robi wymiana ognia. Tak krwawej i okrutnej jatki nie widziałem nawet w smakowitym "Rise of the Triad". Tutaj nie tylko latają mózgi i rozplaskują się na winklach, sufitach, parapetach - po naciśnięciu spustu miotacza ognia można podziwiać "żywe pochodnie". Czegoś takiego jeszcze nie było...
Amiga Format (Dec, 1995)
But looking the positive side, there are many, many good things about Citadel, the multitude and variety of creatures, the weapons and ammo, the credibility of the surroundings, the skill required to proceed satisfactorily, the satisfaction gained from completing a level, the configurability of the program to suit your hardware and, most of all, the entertainment factor.
Polski Portal Amigowy (Jan 23, 2010)
Celem mojej recenzji nie było "podniecanie się" tą grą i Amigą jako produktem doskonałym, ponieważ takich produktów nie ma i na szczęście nie będzie.
CU Amiga (Nov, 1995)
As I said at the beginning, opinions on Citadel shifted like sand. One moment it was slow and rubbish, next it was 'take look at this, it's much better on an accelerated machine'. So it's a difficult one to score. On an standard A1200 it's worth about 78% and as a Doom clone it's worth about 70%. But then again, Arrakis never really intended it to be a direct Doom clone, it has too much of an adventure angle to it for that. If you look at it as a shoot 'em up/adventure hybrid and whack it onto a machine with oodles of fast RAM or a decent accelerator, it's worth about 85%. Finally I'm really going to stick my neck out here, but there is just no alternative to Citadel for A500 owners at the moment, despite the minuscule screen size you have to play it on. So get it.
Amiga Games (Sep, 1995)
Für Amiga 500-User ist The Citadel zweifellos das empfehlenswerteste 3D-Actionspiel. Die Grafik ist detailliert und relativ schnell und die Levels bieten einige Überraschungen. Was will man also mehr.
Amiga Joker (Nov, 1995)
Flüssig voranschreiten dürfen nur die Besitzer einer Turbokarte - oder eines AGA-Rechners. Die Steuerung geht vor allem per Tastatur flott von der Hand, und für die passende Atmosphäre sorgen die reichlich gebotenen Sound-FX gemeinsam mit der düsteren Musik. Fazit: Geglückt!
Amiga Computing (Jan, 1996)
Citadel is a good game in its own right - the problem arises however, when you compare it to the other Doom games that have gone before it. This looks the part but unfortunately, because you are continually damaged by walking into walls (yes, even though this is realistic) it does nothing to enhance the gameplay and just continually aggravates the player. The puzzle angle is quite nice, but there were far too many niggles here to make me want to carry on playing. Continual disk-swapping is also very tedious. Try the other first-person perspective shoot-'em-ups on the market first because although this is by no means the worst game, it's definitely not the best.