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The game kicks off with a bouncy, happy little tune. Indeed, the whole game gives this cheery, happy atmosphere that makes you feel like throwing up. Nah, only kidding, Cloud Kingdoms is very good, at least it's better than Starblaze. The graphics are wonderful, with colourful, bold sprites rampaging around some very treacherous mazes. This is a frustrating game, but pleasantly so, thankfully.
Cloud Kingdoms is a superb game, reminiscent of cutesy console cartridge. The various baddies such as magnets and eight-balls all look superb and the action is certainly hectic enough. Cloud Kingdoms was well-received at full-price and, now its on this new budget label, you'd be absolutely balloody mad to miss it!
Once you get into the swing of things however, it doesn't take too long to suss out the best way to tackle each stage (although actually putting the theory into practice is far trickier!). Nice to look at, as well as jolly good fun to play, Cloud Kingdoms makes a pleasant change from all the licensed stuff kicking around of late.
The One (Jun, 1990)
What's significant isn't so much the originality of the features - bits of pinball, Incredible Shrinking Sphere, even Marble Madness all get a mention - but the ingenious way that the elements fit together. On the other hand, it is occasionally a tad too easy to get stuck in the kind of dead end situation that forces you to restart a level, and 32 gaseous kingdoms aren't quite enough for the asking price. That aside, Terry's rubbery romp may bounce into the big time yet.
Pac-Man with holes is the phrase which comes to mind. Guide your ball around the maze, collecting gems and avoiding the bad guys (in the form of black pool balls). Smooth scrolling and addictive gameplay certainly add to this game's high degree of cuteness. Not the greatest puzzle game in the world, but taxing enough to provide a good few hours of solid entertainment.
Amiga Joker (Apr, 1990)
Cloud Kingdoms bietet Spielspaß pur, die 32 Level halten den Spieler problemlos für einige Wochen am Screen fest. Technisch ist es beachtlich in Szene gesetzt: Acht-Wege-Scrolling, flüssige Animationen und stimmungsvolle Sounds von David Whittaker. Einziger Wermutstropfen sind einige nahezu unspielbare Stellen, da hätten die Programmierer ruhig noch ein Weilchen an der „Playability“ feilen können! Aber wer vor dem bißchen Frust nicht zurückschreckt, erhält ein hübsches Geschicklichkeitsspiel im Stil von „Rock‘n Roll“.
Bliebe nur noch die Amiga-Konvertierung, die in nahezu jeder Hinsicht als 1:1-Umsetzung der ST-Fassung bezeichnet werden kann. Etwas Enttäuschend präsentierte sich ferner das Scrolling, schließlich geht die ganze Chose wie auf dem ST äußerst unsauber vonstatten. Einzig und allein der Sound geriet meines Erachtens einen Deut besser, obwohl der Amiga keinesfalls alle Register zieht. Trotz alledem ganz brauchbar.
[Budget re-release] Cloud Kingdoms isn't exactly a world-beater, but it's eminently playable and will keep you amused long enough to easily justify the price tag.
Power Play (Aug, 1990)
Auch Amiga Besitzer dürfen jetzt Ballspielen. Gegenüber dem Atari ST hat sich bei der Amiga-Umsetzung von "Cloud Kingdom" nichts geändert.