The Colonel's Bequest Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

The copy protection screen.
The game gives you the option of skipping the intro if you've played the game before.
Intro: Colonel writes his will.
Intro: The cast of characters.
Intro: Laura's friend invites her to the Colonel's estate.
Intro: Going to the Colonel's estate.
Intro: Arriving at the dock.
Intro: The Colonel's estate.
Intro: Dinner.
Intro: The Colonel.
I have a notebook.
In Ethel's room.
Upstair's hallway.
The bathroom.
A secret passage.
Upstairs. Be careful around that railing, it's broken.
I fell and died.
Fifi and the Colonel.
Fifi's room.
Downstair's hall.
Suit of armor.
Trying to eavesdrop and it's not working!
Dr. Feels and the Jeeves the butler.
Oh... It's not like there's a MURDERER lurking about is there?
An oilcan.
Outside a fancy garden.
A fancy garden.
Why is there always locked doors in adventure games?
A well.
Doghouse and doors.
The cook is busy.
Outside hedge garden.
Hedge garden.
Watch out for the alligator!
Broken bridge.
The moon reflecting on the water.
Statue of the Colonel in front of the mansion.