Crystal Kingdom Dizzy Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Company logos
Title screen
Loading screen for part one
The beginning location
Hmm, a waterfall...
One of many characters you'll meet...
Climbed aboard a pirate ship
I wonder where this platform goes?
The inventory screen
Wishing well.
Outside Denzil's hut.
Talking with Denzil.
In the clouds.
The generator.
In the caves.
Freddy's shack.
The mast.
Below decks.
On the beach.
Oil pipe.
Deep water.
Underground passage.
Crazy Joe's cave.
Part IV - The Ice Palace.
Outside the maze.
Aztec zone.
It's a timed quest. You must find the crystal and back to the beach in three minutes.
The bats.
The catapult.
Grand Dizzy's hut
Leaving for the Ice Palace!
Moving on to the final level
Inside the Ice Palace